Open Thread: Slim phones, Finger print scanners, 2K etc what’s hype and what do we really need?

There are lots of trends this year, but we want to hear which trends you want to see followed and which you would happily forfeit in your next generation Android smartphone.

Super slim phones, 2K display, 64Bit processors, fingerprint scanners etc. We have seen some interesting new trends in Chinese smartphone design, but are they all really that important to the final user?

Over the next year the chances are many phone makers are going to adopt 2K displays, but do you really see the difference? Is FHD enough?

Fingerprint scanners are already on top models from Huawei, Meizu and Vivo. Are they a worthwhile security feature or a fad?

Are slimmer and slimmer phones really what you are hoping for? Or is a larger battery, dual SIM and SD card more desirable?

We want to hear your thoughts on the latest smartphone trends. Which are you happy to see, and which are just for marketing purposes only? Speak freely below.

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