Zopo’s new phone will have a 64bit processor

zopo 64bit

Like most of China’s top phone makers, Zopo is prepping to begin the new year with a new phone with a 64bit chip.

At GizChina we are really excited about what Chinese phone makers have lined up for next year and it is all down to lower component costs and the introduction of Mediatek’s affordable 64bit chipsets.

So far, Meizu, Elephone, iOcean, JiaYu plus many others have either confirmed or are rumoured to be launching phones packing 64bit chips ranging from entry-level to flagship.

Zopo are also now part of that group with a teaser confirming today that they will to launch a 64bit phone this December. The still unamed Zopo phone has been teased as a camera-centric device in the past and we have even had a brief glimpse of the device here.

There is a lot riding on the latest Zopo phone, this past year hasn’t been good for the company, with slipping international interest and new rivals to compete with. Do Zopo have what it takes to make a come back?

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