InkCase Plus brings an extra E-ink display to your Android Phone

ink case plus

Inkcase Plus Kickstarter project heads in to pre-order stage after successful funding.

If you have been reading the news these past few days then you will have seen that Russian phone maker Yotaphone have just released its second E-ink equipped dual screen phone.

The idea of a second E-ink display for a phone allows the user to save power by not using the main display for more simple usage such as reading, where a regular screen isn’t really needed and an E-ink display is more suitable.

While the Yotaphone and Yotaphone 2 have their 2nd displays built in, the InkCase Plus allows you to add a 3.5-inch display to your current Android device!

The small black panel connects to your Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth and can be used away from your phone as long as the connection remains in range. The Inkcase plus basically mirrors your phones screen, even allowing you to receive calls, but as it is an E-ink panel it isn’t really suitable for use when gaming due to lag.

InkCase are currently offering the InkCase Plus for pre-order at $89.99 with a cut off date of 23rd December.

Do you think a 2nd screen is really a good idea? Would a phone with larger battery be a better option?

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