Exclusive: hands on photos with the Vivo X5 Max

vivo x5 max hands on

We were looking enough to head down to Vivo’s offices recently and get a little hands on time with the super thin Vivo X5 Max. Take a look at our hands on photos.

The Vivo X5 Max has caused quite a stir in the tech world as it becomes the world’s thinnest Android smartphone to date (in fact the worlds thinnest smartphone of any OS) with a body thickness of only 4.75mm.

vivo x5 max hands on 3

Vivo managed to create such a thin phone while maintaining a 3.5mm head phone jack (something Oppo didn’t manage with the Oppo R5) thanks to clever engineering and a new “one sided critical layout” which sees 90% of all the internal components seated along the side of the battery of the phone.

vivo x5 max hands on

Despite the thin body the phone is wider than some other 5.5-inch devices on the market as what strength the Vivo X5 Max has lost in thickness, the designers have added again with wider, tougher bezels.

It’s certainly a thin phone, and feel very comfortable in your hand, but what is most surprising is just how sturdy the X5 Max feels. It is a quality piece of engineering and certainly doesn’t feel like it could suffer any bendgate issues that the iPhone 6 suffered at launch.

vivo x5 max hands on

The overall look of the phone is pure Vivo, and looks like many of their other current smartphones with an alloy main body sitting between to white plastic areas to give a stripe effect.

vivo x5 max hands on

Looking at the phone from where the 3.5mm headphone jack is located, I was a little worried by just how little material there is between the plug and the outside. Looking inside the jack though shows a nice amount of metal inside which is hopefully there for added strength.

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vivo x5 max hands on

From my brief hands on with this working phone, the Vivo felt as fast and powerful as any current top end device, and as usual Vivo have gone to town on the HIFI and camera quality of the phone.

All that remains to be seen is just how long-lasting the battery is inside the phone. For more Vivo X5 Max details please keep posted as we are currently writing up the launch report with full specification details.

Thanks to Vivo for letting us have an early sneak peek!

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