The Oppo R5 cracks nuts and smashes fruits in this video

To put the minds on many at ease, Oppo have put together this short video of the slender Oppo R5 being smashed into and through various objects.

From today onwards, the Oppo R5 is no longer the world’s thinnest phone (see Vivo X5 Max launch), but at 4.85mm it is still very slim, and for some potential customers worryingly so!

With Apple’s Bendgate still fresh in the mind of many smartphone fans, Oppo are desperate to show that the R5 is made of stronger stuff and can put up with a little more than average wear and tear!

The below video shows the Oppo R5 smashing through apples, watermelons, being ran over, hammering nails and even being ran over!

After watching the abuse the Oppo R5 can put up with, are you more likely to buy one of these new super slim phones?

[ Android Authority ]
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