Huawei to launch 4K tv box on the 16th December

huawei android tv

Huawei have posted teasers that they are ready to launch an Android running TV box with 4K video playback.

Xiaomi have a lot to answer for when it comes to the Chinese phone market, but with their success they have also boosted the sales, and performance of rival companies too. Just a few years ago we cannot imagine being excited about what Huawei are making, but these days there is the Ascend Mate 7 and upcoming 6 Plus to drool over.

Like Xiaomi, Huawei have also diversified their range of products, phones still make up the largest part of their inventory, but they also have wearable products, a smart router and soon a Android powered TV box.

A teaser points at the 16th December being the launch date of the Huawei TV Box. Chances are it will use one of Huawei’s own Hisilicon processors and sources tell us that the device will have support for 4K video and H.265 encoding.

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