Zeaplus talk about Zeaplus M5 5000mAh battery, still haven’t launched a phone

zeaplus m5

Zeaplus still haven’t a phone on the market, but that hasn’t stopped them talking about a third device!

Zeaplus kicked off their promotion of new phones a month or so back including an iPhone 6 clone, and Xiaomi Mi4 wannabe. With these phones still MIA we wonder why they are now discussing the possibilities of a 3rd phone?

Over on their forums Zeaplus have announced that they plan to launch the Zeaplus M5 smartphone with 5000mAh battery:

Zeaplus M5, get more done with super-long-lasting battery

With no phones actually available to buy yet, and their M4 phone being exactly the same as the Elephone P4000, we wonder if Zeaplus are just on the verge of releasing a rebranded Elephone P5000 (a phone that also hasn’t launched with 5000mAh battery?).

It’s great to see up and coming Chinese phone makers take an interest in the international market, but we hope to see actual phone launches rather than more promises of new phones (Elephone, Zeaplus etc).

Anyway, another large battery phone would be nice to see, let’s see when it will finally launch and what specs it will end up with.

[ Zeaplus ]
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