JiaYu S3 will come in 3 colour choices

jiayu s3

While we were celebrating the recent festive holidays, JiaYu launch the first pre-sales of the flagship JiaYu S3 and confirmed 3 colour options for their phone.

Jiayu fans in China have already been able to pre-order the JiaYu S3 for a few days now, meaning that a final international launch date and price should be announced in the not to distant future.

We’re not 100% sure on the pricing of the S3, but we can be sure that JiaYu will first fulfil Chinese orders before launching internationally so we still could be in for some wait for the 5.5-inch 64bit phone.

However we can confirm that 3 colour options will be available to choose from for the JiaYu S3, and that the rear covers themselves will be sold as aftermarket replacements. Colour choices include white, black and a Meizu MX4 grey finish. Covers will cost 35 Yuan each in China.

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