Exclusive: Elephone P3000S (6752) details leaked, will get MT6752 and 3GB RAM

p3000s mt6752

Eagle eyed GizChina reader discovers the hidden specifications for the upcoming Elephone P3000S (6752) update

Elephone keep on pushing the competition with new phones and updates every month. The company are forging ahead and trying to offer their customers phones with the latest hardware as quickly as possible.

One of the fastest ways to get the latest hardware in to the hands of users is to update existing devices this is how the P3000S came about which will soon be updated further still!

The next instalment of the Elephone range will be the Elephone P3000S (6752), and as the name suggests this smartphone gets an octacore Mediatek MT6752 chipset. Thats the same 64bit chip that Meizu just launched in the m1 note, and will give the Elephone P3000S the same dual LTE capability.

p3000s mt6752

Along with the update in processor, the P3000S (6752) will also see a rise in RAM to 3GB, making the phone quite a powerful device to own.

p3000s mt6752

So far those are the only updates we can see on the device the rest of the phone will feature the same 13 mega-pixel main camera, 5-inch display and rear mounted fingerprint scanner the current phone offers.

Thanks to GizChina reader Thomas for the tip!

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