This is what the 64bit Zopo ZP720 Focus looks like in the flesh!

zopo zp720 focus

Zopo may have lost it’s mojo recently, but they are still playing the game with the launch of the new 64bit Zopo ZP720 Focus. Here are the first real photos of the new mid-range phone.

After being thoroughly underwhelmed by the release of the flagship Zopo Zp920 (despite the Technicolor rear panel and OIS), the mid range Zopo ZP720 Focus actually looks like it could have been a promising device.

In these photos we get to see what the renders and specifications promised, a compact phone with alloy body and smooth edges. It’s unfortunate that we don’t get to see the details around the IR blaster, but at least we know one is there.

From a design and build point of view the Zopo ZP720 Focus is a huge step for Zopo, but whatever lead they may have gained with the build, they have quickly thrown away by demanding a high price, and offering just 1GB RAM!

zopo zp720 focus

If you feel you can deal with just 1GB RAM from day to day and are happy to fork out $230 for the Zopo ZP720 Focus and the accompanying “Zopotax”, then you can look forward to a quad-core 64bit processor, LTE, 5.3-inch display and 13 mega-pixel camera.

Had Zopo released this phone at $199 with 2GB RAM then I am sure we would be writing a very different article.

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