Xiaomi Mi Note Benchmarks are in and they are pretty good

Xiaomi Mi Note Benchmarks are in and they are pretty good

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After today’s launch, Xiaomi had a number of Xiaomi Mi Note phones for press and fans to play around with and as usual someone managed to run Antutu on the new device.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Antutu benchmarks aren’t worth the screens you read them off, but in the absence of a new device to try ourselves Antutu is all we’ve got.

During the end of launch hands on time, some Xiaomi fans managed to lacuna Antutu V5.6 in the Mi Note and get a very good score from the new phablet. Keep in mind that only the Snapdragon 801 with 3GB RAM Mi Note was on hand at the show, so Mi Note Pro Antutu scores should be significantly higher.

In the benchmark test, the Xiaomi Mi Note managed to squeeze past the OnePlus One and get to 3rd place overall, behind the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Meizu MX4. Again keep in mind that these are scores based on an average and we know of MX4 phones and OPO which can score significantly more than those listed here. Still the Mi Note does very well with a benchmark run of 46,714 points!

Just to recap that this result was obtained on the standard version of the Xiaomi Mi Note with a 1920 x 1080 display, running Android 4.4.4 Kitkat. It will be a few weeks before Mi Note Pro scores surface.

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  • seven7dust

    Most benchmark leaks always show the best case scenario of a phone , either way it’s slower that the mtk 6595 chip.

    Btw just wanted to know if the mi note supports quick charge ? no real mention anywhere.

    • Yep it does. Xiaomi list it as Quick charge 2.0 (4.4v)

    • Honzys1983

      Yeah.. Fast charge was mentioned by Lei Jun today

    • Luciano Gerace

      Well, Mi Note has the Snapdragon801, so it’s not a big surprise that MTK6595 scores more. We’ll have to wait for the Note Pro with the Snapdragon810 and see how good it is

      • Then you must wait for the MTK6795 64bit killer…

        Right now the MTK6752 kills the Snapdragon 610

        Even the MTK6732 trashed it…

  • Roberto Tomás

    mmmh, that doesnt make sense. 801’s were in the mid 20,000s when they first came out, and pushed all the way to nearly 40,000 for the rev.C version at 2.7Ghz. But this thing is way faster still .. what does it clock to, 3Ghz? Even 805s score in the 40s.

    • Airyl

      It’s a Xiaomi phone. They always get really high scores, especially compared to others in their price bracket. Also, Antutu updates sort of increase the score for everything.

      • Roberto Tomás

        heh it’s still too high .. Xiaomi make some good gear

  • Jason45

    It has basically the same scores as other Snapdragon 801 phones, not that interesting to test. It’s much more interesting to test the Snapdragon 810 phone to see how much better this chipset is compared to Snapdragon 801 and 805.

  • realjjj

    Antutu is garbage anyway and faster devices are behind the Note only because the Note is just 1080p. Antutu tests GPU on screen so devices like the Nexus 6 are faster but score less.

    • Chris

      Just curious, but when have you last played a game offscreen ??
      A freight truck is also “faster but scores less” than a passenger car because it weighs 10x more.

    • stan

      Good way to test GPU speed is on native resolution of the phone ‘cos you gonna use that way. So if GPU is 10% faster but needs to push 100% more pixels your experience is slower perfomance

  • Βαγγώνης Σαμαρέλος

    Meizu MX4 FTW! 51000.