Meizu MX4 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi Note vs Xiaomi Mi Note Pro – Which do you choose?


With Xiaomi’s new large screen phone launched, lets see how both version square off against the flagship Meizu MX4 Pro.

Earlier today Xiaomi announced their new flagship Xiaomi Mi Note, along with full details of both the Mi Note and Mi Note pro, and pricing. As soon as the information was up I started to receive emails and questions asking how the new Xiaomi stacks up against the Meizu MX4 Pro?

To see just how well the 2015 Mi Note does against the 2014 Meizu MX4 Pro, I have complied the below table with all the specifications to see what each phone offers (at least on paper). This table should also give us an easy way to identify areas each phone might excel, or struggle against one another.

Meizu MX4 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi Note vs Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

[table id=190 /]

Meizu MX4 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi Note vs Xiaomi Mi Note Pro – is there a clear winner?

Is there a clear winner? Well it all depends on how we compare the phones. If we base prices on the Chinese retail price then of course the Meizu MX4 Pro comes across as the firm leader. It has a larger battery, high-resolution rear camera, high-resolution 2K+ display, and the added security of a fingerprint scanner.

xiaomi mi note hands on photos

If you are reading this though and are in a Xiaomi launch country outside of China (E.G India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan etc) then the Xiaomi phone is going to look more attractive. In official launch areas Xiaomi products maintain their low-cost where as Meizu have much higher international pricing.

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meizu mx4 pro review

If you don’t fit in either one of the above classifications then you are not in a Xiaomi launch area and that means you have to endure higher resellers costs for both the Meizu MX4 Pro and Xiaomi Mi Note. In this case we don’t know how much resellers will be marking the Xiaomi Mi Note up, but the chances are the MX4 Pro will still be available more at a lower price than the 2K Mi Note Pro, and similar in price to the 1080 model.

There are other factors too. The 5.7-inch of the Xiaomi Mi Note is too large for many users, then again MIUI might be more to your tastes than Flyme. The list goes on.

To keep things simple let’s ask this question. If you could buy the MX4 Pro or the Mi Note (either model) at the Chinese retail price which would you choose? Vote and leave your comments below.

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