Coolpad’s next IVVI could become the world’s thinnest phone

coolpad ivvi

Coolpad might be taking on the world’s thinnest title with a new phone from their IVVI sub brand.

Coolpad released the IVVI brand as their answer to the growing popularity for phones which look good but might not necessarily have the highest hardware specifications.

We’ve seen a growing trend for these types of device over the months and have seen Oppo and Vivo product phones that focus on design and body thickness over pure horsepower.

The next IVVI phone might be the next to follow! An image released today shows the rear of the next IVVI phone along with the questions:

4.7mm? 4.7 inch?

The figures obviously refer to the thickness of the body and the size of the display. If IVVI did release a 4.7-inch phone it would be one of the few small screen phones built to a higher quality available today. If they also make it 4.7mm thick it will also become the thinnest phone in the world!

Personally we thick Coolpad plan to do both with the IVVI with a 4.7-inch screen and 4.7mm body, but this has us worry just how large a battery could possibly fit inside a device so small!

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