Update: Meizu m1 launched with 5-inch display, LTE and 128GB SD support!

Update: Meizu m1 launched with 5-inch display, LTE and 128GB SD support!

meizu m1 specificaions

Updated with full official specifications.The Meizu launch is still on going, but the news that we were waiting for has already been announced! Here are the specifications and a few details about the new Meizu m1!

It seems like most of the rumours surrounding the Meizu m1, or Meilan in China, were correct, but there have still been some great surprises!

meizu m1 specificaions

First of all the Meizu m1 is a 5-inch phone, so larger than the 4.7-inch Xiaomi Redmi 2. In fact Meizu have been making a lot of comparisons between the Xiaomi Redmi range of the m1 and m1 note during the launch  and looking at the specs it’s easy to see why.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.12.22 am

The design of the 5-inch Meizu is very similar to the m1 note with the same unibody polycarbonate plastic body, SIM tray and colour options, with the addition of the new pepper mint colour that Li Nan leaked a few days ago.

meizu m1 specificaions

Above the 5-inch display, which incidentally has a resolution of slightly higher than 720p for a pixel density of 300ppi, is a 5 mega-pixel front facing camera with F2.0 aperture! That’s the same as the camera on the m1 note, and similar to the sensor on the Meizu MX4 Pro.

meizu m1 specificaions

The rear camera is surprising too, and has turned out to be a 13 mega-pixel sensor rather than an 8 mega-pixel shooter!

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.18.39 am

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.17.04 am

Under the hood Meizu have only given partial specifications of the processor which they say is a 1.5Ghz, quad-core, 64bit chipset capable for Antutu of over 30,000 points. In our mind this can only leave one possible chip, the quad-core MT6732 processor (the same as the Ulefone BePro). Meizu didn’t mention the amount of RAM, and that lack of comment suggests it does have just 1GB, but it will need to be confirmed at the end for the event.

meizu m1 specificaions

meizu m1 specificaions

Also inside the 8.9mm think phone is a lightweight magnesium body giving an overall weight of 128G, a 2610mAh battery and 8GB of internal memory. Of course 8GB is nothing these days, so Meizu have added an SD card slot to the phone (a first for Meizu phones) which is capable of accepting 128GB cards.

It’s all adding up to be a great little device and includes GPS, 4G LTE, Glonass, Bluetooth 4.0 etc.

699 yan

Pricing in China is 699 Yuan ($110) with the first phones avaialbel for pre order on the 5th of Feb! Amazing looking phone for the money that we cannot wait to try!

Meizu m1 Full Specifications

Meizu m1
Resolution 1280 x 768
Possible update to 2GB
Internal Memory8GB
Up yo 128GB
Front camera5 mega-pixel
Rear camera13 mega-pixel
Dual simNo,
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0
Android 4.4.4
Dimensions140.2 x 72.1 x 8.9mm
ColoursPeppermint Green
Price699 Yuan
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  • tom


  • realjjj

    They listed it just now http://www.meizu.com/products/meilan/fun.html
    so 1GB RAM , screen res 1280×768 ,confirmed MT6732 and full dimensions 140.2 x 72.1 x 8.9mm
    At least they got microSD, now lets see them add it to all their future devices (doubt it).
    Doesn’t really stand out against competing devices ,it is the weakest launch in this cycle for them. Sure it is much faster than the Redmi 2 but ,,, what isn’t?

    • tom

      sooo stupid meizu, 1gb of ram…totally ruined good phone

      • Wait for a few weeks I’m sure they will launch a 2GB RAM version

    • Bojan Radovanović

      Much faster, but just in synt. benchmarks…we will see real life performance.
      And I’m not talking about comparation with 2GB redmi….
      I’m just thinking on how all manufacturers can manipulate with synt.tests results (anyone said Samsung!?)

      • realjjj

        The simple fact is that the SD410 at 1.2GHz is slow , there are plenty of benchmarks out there, it’s not about what Meizu claims,it’s a well proven fact.

        • Bojan Radovanović

          Yes it is…but still it works well for what it is made for. I am sure that this mtk will be littlebit faster, but will you feel that in real life use?
          Bigger problem is lack of RAM (on both phones), ‘cose apps are hungry for that…not for proc. Speed

    • Ulti

      Disappointing. It’s pretty wide at 72.1mm and only 1 GB RAM in this day and age?


      They should release a 2GB version with 16GB of memory for 799 Yuan. (I know it has a microSD card slot but still)

  • desponent

    A bit more balanced than I thought, now it all hinges on its RAM.

    Edit: Oh it’s 1GB lol, pass.

  • Qidamin

    Maybe they did not talked about Ram because Xiaomi has just decided to put 2Gb in the Redmi 2.

    • Airyl

      That’s probably what happened.

      • Simon

        I wonder if Jiayu will make any changes to the S4 ?

        • RRRobert

          Good point. I can only hope for 2Gb ram (or better…), slightly faster CPU, dual-sim slot and SD-card slot. I’m oké with 300 ppi screens, at sizes < 5" you hardly won't notice the difference with full HD and it does save you some juice out of the battery.

  • Big O

    Only TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA. Bummer.

    • Yup seems this version is only for the Chinese market

  • hectorox

    I am totally disappointed, this will not be a buying option for me…

    • smota

      Me too, tottaly disappointed. Only 1 Gb of Ram and only single sim. I wonder why they didn’t make a phone exactly like M1 Note with 4,7″ or 5″ maximum???

  • renky89

    So Xiaomi totally screwed Meizu by releasing a 2gb redmi variant just yesterday 😀 this could have been a killer phone if it had 2gb of ram. Oh the “new” redmi is the only decent smaller smartphone…

    • I wouldn’t be surpriesed if Meizu release a 2GB RAM version too. They actually already went our of their way to beat every aspect of the Redmi 2 (even going for a speical higher res display) I don’t think they will let Xiaomi get away with just an extra 1GB of RAM

      • Renky89

        I really hope you are right about that. If you are, I will be getting one for my girlfriend for sure

      • Bojan Radovanović

        I am sure that they will go with higher spec phone for little more money, too.
        but I don’t see anything that beats Redmi2!?
        It all look the same…its just what do you prefer…meizu or xiaomi, mtk or q.snapdragon.
        personaly I would go with redmi2, because it’s smaller and man can expect better aftersale suport from xiaomi and qualcom…mtk phones will always leg behind with any software upgrades

  • Mo

    Who knows maybe they will release a 2g ram model later on.

  • Dels

    very similar to iphone 5c design…any info that mediatek will release kernel source for MT67xx series?

    • Bojan Radovanović

      I gues they will do it at end of circle, when they go with new line of products. ..as usual, as they did it just abouth month ago for MTK6582.
      MTK is not known by good support, and I hope they will eventually change that.
      That was biggest problem with chinese phones, as buyer, you ware expected to buy new product every year, so old ones did not get any OS upgrades…and developers had to go around to do something, anything.

      • desponent

        MTK is chip suppliers. Once they release the source code it’s up to phone vendor to support their old phone.

        • Bojan Radovanović

          Yop, and they don’t do it very often. ..
          that was problem for gps with old chips…because source code wasn’t reachable so phone vendors was not able to fix it.
          as written, sourse code for mtk 6582 is realised just about month or two ago…and processor is at it’s end of production.
          Best example is xiaomi redmi model, where mtk model is about same strenght as snapdragon s1, but have much worse support. ..official and unofficial.

          • desponent

            Well as long as the phone is working as intended and no critical security issue is present, I don’t really care with weekly update which is just a hassle in the end. I want to use my phone, not phone using me to update them every damn week.

      • Dels

        Hope it will change once they enter USA (office at San Fransisco)

  • likvidator

    omg why cant make smaller phone with same specification like m1 note … this is next shit with 14cm

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

    Hilarious how you guys comment like you have a choice.

    Neither this m1 nor the Redmi 2 have been launched and India and you guys are debating which one to buy. I’ll make it easy for you; fat chance Meizu will launch any phone in India this year so that only leaves you with the Redmi 2 which has a much better chance of being launched in India (after sales in China slow down, of course).

    Of course I’ll be the one laughing if Xiaomi launches the 1gb ram variant of the Redmi 2 in India. haha!

    EDIT: My bad, usually the comments get flooded with India-location based commenters. Strange, where are they?

    • desponent

      Who cares about india?

      • nick

        rapers heaven .. Egyptians might be interested

    • Bojan Radovanović

      Who is talking about India! ?
      That phones will be possible to buy worldwide through resselers and official stores….and even in India

    • realjjj

      Readers here are from all over the world and buying things from China is easy, no need for an official presence.

  • Bojan Radovanović

    Nice phine for that money, but for me is NO GO….I would like more something with higher spec ( better proc. and 2GB RAM) for more money. If only there is something as M1 note, with same spec, but not to be bigger then 5′, and for same amont of money as M1 note is…It woud be perfect. But my only iptions still are iPhone6 and Sony X Z3 comact.

    and one more thing, please stop using word “killer”…because it’s very bad word, and thankfully, there’s no any killing there. Its just competitor. …no one will kill nobody, as no one did kill apple with all that iphone “killers”

    • Simon

      What about Jiayu S4 ?

      • Airyl

        It would be nice to get an S4, but we don’t even know if they’re real or not.

        • Simon

          Oh I hope so 🙂 I am waiting in anticipation, not sure what to think about the S3.

  • Jason


  • Adam Irvine

    Disappointing about the ram if it does turn out to be just 1gb…

  • Marco

    Yeah nice phones , but if we are lucky we will be able to put our hands on them next year…..

  • Ivo001

    There’s not even an option for black colour 🙁

  • Mattisekk722

    Igzo display?

  • yalok

    Damn, 5.0″ is too big. 4.7″ would be much closer to the meaning of “mini”.

  • Davor

    TCL 3N M2U looks like a better option today 😀

  • Muhammad Yasir

    looks good , but i’ll wait for the int’l pricing before making my mind up

  • nick

    pff width 72.1… not even a compact 5 incher this phone is useless

  • Allanitomwesh

    Not bad,still not very mini though. 5 inch is a big phone

  • iKosh

    I can’t even remember the last Meizu with 1GB of RAM. MX maybe?

    • Bojan Radovanović

      but can you remember one that costs 599y!?

  • lolyinseo

  • TheCaCharli

    The one SIM support is the deal-breaker. Other then that, its great looking phone with nice specs.

  • The Bastard Christ

    This shit looks like a single sim device… How is it supposed to compete with the redmi 2?

  • Alexandre Tokam Kaptue III

    Gorilla Glass 3 ?

  • trapchan

    no lollipop, no buy