Low-cost ZTE Blade L3 get trimmed down specifications and Android 5.0

ZTE Blade L3

ZTE have doubled the number of Blade phones in their range from 1 to 2 this week alone with the launch of another affordable Android 5.0 device.

The ZTE Blade L3 has been designed to sit below the Blade S6 in terms of costs with a possible retail price close to just $200. With the lower cost you of course get some downgrades in hardware, so for example the display is a lower resolution 540 x 960 unit and and there is only 1GB RAM onboard too.

Other cost cutting measures include the use of a quad-core MT6582M chipset, which could mean there is no LTE support from the Blade L3 (unless it uses a Mediatek MT6290 LTE modem).

Despite the lower specs, ZTE have managed to get Android 5.0 on to the phone, which is at least something, however we can’t help but feel that with 2GB RAM and a Mediatek MT6732 the price could have been maintained but performance and features doubled.

[ Phonearena via GizChina.es ]
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