Meizu MX4, MX 4 Pro set to receive Lollipop update this March

meizu mx4 pro review

Two of Meizu’s most powerful phones, i.e., the MX4 and the MX4 Pro are set to get the taste of Lollipop soon.

The two devices will get the update to Lollipop next month, which should also mean the Flyme OS of Meizu gets an overhaul. According to reports, the update is currently being worked upon, but is far from complete at the moment but should be ready for a roll out by next month.

Both these phones come with Android KitKat out of the box, with Meizu’s own Flyme flavor on top. The MX4 comes with a 5.36-inch full HD display and is powered by the octa-core MediaTek MT6595 SoC, which the critics as well as consumers have lauded. On the other hand, the MX4 Pro comes with a 5.5-inch 1536 x 2560 pixel display, and is powered by the 2.0GHz Samsung Exynos 5430 SoC with 3GB of RAM.

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Although the general consensus about the MX4 series of phones have been positive, people are usually in two minds about the Flyme ROM which can take a while to get used to. Do you think Meizu should make the Lollipop ROMs a little less radical, and closer to stock?

[Via , MeizuNews]
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  1. Kingu Prima
    February 2, 2015

    Before improving the UI, they should resolve the battery drains noticed by many MX4 and MX4 PRO users 🙁

  2. Nikos
    February 2, 2015

    I agree with @kinguprima:disqus. Also, Meizu should release an ubuntu os option. I think that ubuntu will be awesome and with great battery performance!

  3. sati
    February 2, 2015

    @Yash : sorry for the off topic. Can you tell me which frrquncy does airtel 4g in India operate? I suppose it is TDD-LTE?? Pl clarify

  4. Miko
    February 2, 2015

    I’d love to taste a Lollipop… but I would like to know if these news are only for Asian versions or international version too.
    As I am interested only about STABLE versions, it seems to me that we, the international users of MX4, are left behind as far as updates are concered… we are still on the stable
    IF it is possible Yash (or even Andi, if he can), can you learn more info about it? Cuz I’d hate it if A version goes to Lollipop and we are left behind again… it’s like they are telling me, leave the international firmware and use the A version, which I don’t like it at all.

    • intruda
      February 2, 2015

      Don’t read to much into stable versions. Device is better since upgrading to test builds. They install without any major flaws and plenty of fixes.

      If afraid of upgrading you will rarely see upgrades. The only difference between international and Chinese versions are 5 apps that easily uninstall In 5 seconds.

      • Miko
        February 2, 2015

        The differences are not as little as you think.I don’t want to root my phone for some reasons, but most important is that I can’t use my prefered language if i go to A version.

        • intruda
          February 3, 2015

          Your prefered language could be added with an additional 5 seconds.

          Extract and install into the CN version.

          Simple and easy.

          • Miko
            February 3, 2015

            I’m not so good with rooting/moding firmwares mate… i am thinking to go and try it but i think we are missing the point. Meaning, why should i go to A version if I am an international buyer and the company has made an international version? Shouldn’t they support us equally well? or at least close to equally?
            It’s like they are forcing me to settle and as far as I know we have the moto “never settle”…. oh wait… that’s….1+1!!! /joking ofc. 😉
            I want to see the reviews on the latest 4.2.2A that just came out and I will prolly download it too if there’s no news for an international version till then.

  5. pedero
    February 3, 2015

    Any custom roms for the MX4? Flyme sucks and is too laggy.

  6. Paris Pan
    February 6, 2015
    • liuli
      February 6, 2015

      oh really? i am about to buy in this website,dunno if other sites have this kind of coupon or not,still considering lol