Mystery Flagship Lenovo leaked with metal chassis, possible optical zoom

lenovo k3 leaked

Weibo tipsters have leaked photos of a mystery Lenovo smartphone which may (or may not) be the upcoming Lenovo K3. Keep reading for more details.

Lenovo have proven over the years that they are capable of making some seriously good Android phones, they have also proven that they don’t mind experimenting and trying out new ideas (Intel processor, snazzy alloy body designs etc). What they are lacking though is a true flagship that captures the heart and minds of tech fans around the world, perhaps until now.

Leaked photos show a new mystery Lenovo flagship phone, possibly the Lenovo K3, featuring a metal chassis, glass front and rear and an interesting “credit card” design to the rear. We can also see a physical shutter button in the photos along with dual speakers in the base and sim card tray.

The mystery Lenovo looks like it will be a camera centric device and boasts 3 LED flash bulbs. I am also wondering if the phone features an optical zoom too, perhaps the switch in the top unlocks the motorised lens?

What do you guys think of the latest Lenovo? Do you think they could finally hit the mark this time around?

[ Weibo ]
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