UMi Zero now available in Europe, India next?

UMi Zero now available in Europe, India next?

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The alloy, Super AMOLED equipped UMi Zero is now available in Europe.

With a thin all alloy body, Super AMOLED Samsung display, 2GB RAM and 13 mega-pixel camera, the UMi Zero is a capable and stylish phone. Since its launch later 2014, UMi have been working with online resellers to get their phone in to as many hands as possible, now they are starting to set up local distribution points for better customer service.

Now fans of the Zero can order the phone in Europe direct from Topresellerstore in Italy. Shipping within Europe is much faster and the phone will be subject to a 24 month warranty.

UMi are also looking to begin work with more resellers around Europe, and are also rumoured to be heading to India this week to finalize details to launch the Zero on Flipkart.

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  • Marius Cirsta

    I’d sure like one of these but only if it comes with a newer 64bit SOC and KitKat. Hopefully they’ll upgrade this phone because it’s a very nice phone.
    I think companies that invested a lot in MTK6592 phones were the biggest loosers because 64bit and LTE Mediatek SOCs followed pretty soon after an now these are old phones. I certainly wouldn’t buy a MTK6592 phone now but I do like the UMI Zero.

    • balcobomber25

      I wouldn’t count on it. Umi isn’t big enough of a company to completely update a new model that was just released a few months ago. They already have thousands of devices built or on order to be built. It would be cost them entirely too much to switch it now. The 6592 is still an excellent chipset regardless of it not being 64 bit, not mention without Android 5.0 a 64 bit chip really isn’t any better than a 32 bit. Right now 64 bit is the newest marketing buzz word for phone makers, just like LTE used to be. In the future it will offer much greater performance but most of that has more to do with the fact that the new chips will no longer be based on older Arm versions.

      • Marius Cirsta

        While I do agree that 64 bit and LTE are marketing gimmicks too they do offer real world advantages.
        64 bit significantly increases performance together with Android 5.0 which is what I’d expect it to run. Besides that ARM64 should support ACPI ( maybe ) and if not it should at least have a device tree. Having a device tree should at least in theory allow for using an open source kernel and easier porting to CM or newer Android.
        LTE does offer a boot in download/upload speeds and if it’s something I can have why not.
        As things stand I’m definitely avoiding a $200 phone which won’t probably get KitKat and one I or someone else can’t even update because the kernel is not open source.
        When KitKat is obsolete or if there’s a serious bug you’re screwed with a Chinese phone made by the likes of Umi.
        With a 64bit chip I have hopes of more 3rd party kernels and ROMs.
        As it stands this is previous generation tech and Umi should have just waited a bit for 64bit.

        Oh and btw I’d say the majority of users go for 64bit and LTE because of marketing so that’s a good enough reason this is not using the right chipset … for $200 it’s not cheap and when it doesn’t tick the 64bit and LTE gimmicks …

        • balcobomber25

          In the cell phone world $200 is cheap for a phone with near flagship specs. In the west $200 won’t get you most budget phones. In Thailand where I live $200 is a 4.5 inch phone with a quad core chip and 1gb of RAM.

          LTE is geat in some markets but most of Asia still doesn’t have reliable LTE networks. Often times you pay twice as much for moderate or even no speed increase. The markets that Umi focuses on are still largely dominated by 3g+.

          • Marius Cirsta

            Sure, I was talking from my perspective. I live in the EU where LTE is the norm these days and I can always get whatever Chinese phone I want directly from China but yes, for some people in some markets this will be a good phone if they can keep the $200 price.

            • balcobomber25

              I live in Thailand and work in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and Cambodia. LTE is advertised in many of those countries but the speeds are often no better than 3G and it is extremely expensive. My monthly phone bill for normal service is usually around $10 US a month, with LTE it will be close to $70.

            • Laurence02

              Well, I think the graphics processor on the MT6592 board kind of sucks, so I’m waiting for LTE and a faster graphics processor. I also live in Europe (Sweden) with a big LTE coverage and I’m jealous of other people that have LTE.

  • 3_nity


  • Brown Alma