Letv to launch a better iPhone 6 Plus

letv phone

LeTV have posted more teasers for their phone on Weibo telling that they plan to launch a better iPhone 6 Plus.

Anyone who has held the iPhone 6 Plus will be aware that it is a large phone for a 5.5-inch device when compared to Android phones. LeTV noticed too and have teased how they plan to improve the large screen iOS phone by launching their own smartphone.

Looking at the images it looks like LeTV have maintained the same size 5.5-inch panel, but greatly reduced the physical size of the phone with smaller bezels all round. The left and right side of display look especially narrow.

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The images also show us how much smaller the 5.5-inch LeTV phone will be when compared to the iPhone 6 Plus. With a few simple sums we come to the dimensions of 140.3 x 73.4, the depth of the phone isn’t mentioned.

LeTV are believed to be releasing 3 phones, ranging from this 5.5-inch phone for 2000 Yuan to a larger screen phablet model. Processors will come from Qualcomm and Mediatek.

[ Weibo ]
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  1. RRRobert
    February 11, 2015

    Well, size does not always matter, I’m afraid. Many (iPhone- Samsung, Xiaomi-)clones from the past were eventually released with either a crappy building quality, a low-res screen, an outdated processor, insufficient memory and storage capacities or a poor camera. Or with any of the above given features combined.

    Seeing is believing.

  2. Paul Sleight
    February 11, 2015

    This and the Dakeie 3, (and to a certain extent the Serendipity S7) all look very promising. Unfortunately the Dakele 3 doesn’t have FDD LTE, the S7 is still very elusive, and LeTV are apparently going to run Ubuntu. Also, we hear rumours that they will be unveiled or launched on a certain day, and then we hear little or nothing for another month.

    • RRRobert
      February 11, 2015

      The Dakele 3 is not only lacking FDD-LTE, it has also been vaporware for those who have a genuine interest, as even over two months after its official release, is is nowhere to be ordered or even available for pre-orders.

      I am dying to see the rumored JiaYu S4 (S3 in 5″ screen size package) confirmed.

      • Muhammad Yasir
        February 11, 2015

        LeTV should be considerate about prices. not every brand ends up becoming a premium brand!

      • mersault
        February 11, 2015

        Will Jiayu S4 ever be released? Rummors began together with S3 somwhere in October 2014, but while S3 is already selling, S4 is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile Jiayu released F2, which could be it, if only it had newer SoC. So please Jiayu, if you are reading this, release S4!

        • Stef
          February 11, 2015

          Anyone remember this? : https://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/1390/1199/original.jpg

          Too bad those specs are ‘shopped. Honestly though, those are the best specs for a phone sized phone. Neither too small, nor too big. Neither too overblown (medium resolution) nor too weak (powerful processor). Easy to price low (due to the … balanced hardware) yet beating every phone in existence in how comfortable it is to use. And 4.7” is not too small, even by today’s standards… (iphone is 4.7 and most flagships are 5)

          • rick
            February 12, 2015

            Therefor S4 could be perfect it should have dual-sim, too. 😉

          • חתול תעלול
            February 13, 2015

            Very interesting, BUT still not 100% truth- the Sony IMX220 is a 16MP sensor.

  3. dreamer
    February 12, 2015

    somebody wants to see my drawings ??

  4. balcobomber25
    February 12, 2015

    Very easy way to make a better iPhone 6 Plus. Buy a Mi Note, One Plus One or Mx4 Pro and slap an Apple sticker on it.

  5. intruda
    February 13, 2015

    phone makers really need to get off apples dick.

    Really pathetic.

    • balcobomber25
      February 14, 2015

      Its a copy cat world. Apple is no different they copy what others are doing. Just look at the latest Iphone sizes. For years they told people that big phones were a fad and not needed, now they offer them in the same size as most Androids.

      • intruda
        February 14, 2015

        Yeah I know.

        Still seems obsessive.

        Free promo for iPhone.