Hands on with Xiaomi Mi 4 original wooden rear covers!

The Xiaomi Mi 4 isn’t regarded as the best looking phone, but the form factor and build quality of the device are the reasons it is as popular as it is. In an age where phablets dominate, Xiaomi’s Mi 4 is quite the exception with its 5-inch display.

At the launch event last year, Xiaomi also announced that it would be offering wooden rear covers for the phone at a later point. The covers did take their own sweet time getting on to the market (they’re still pretty hard to get hold of), but they are finally here.

If you were wondering how they pair up with the phone, look nowhere else… for here’s the hands on and review (sort of) of the wooden rear covers for the Xiaomi Mi 4! We got the covers right in time before the Chinese New Year, and spent time with them to see just how good they are.

The rear covers on the Mi 4 require you to use a suction cup for removal… and there are chances you don’t have one lying around. Which is perhaps why Xiaomi also sells a suction cup which also doubles up as a (rather weird looking) stand which is actually quite a handy tool.

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The covers themselves are made out of high grade material, and comprise of actual wood on the outside. Trading Shenzhen also did a test to verify the fact, and the results are here for all to see. The video is in German though, but you get the gist. Skip to 4:30 to see the case being broken into two pieces:

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pPGLW9Qfb8]


If there was a weak link, in terms of looks, on the Mi 4, it has got to be the rear of the phone, which looks surprisingly pale in comparison to the rest of the phone. Thanks to these covers though, you can give your Mi 4 a new lease of life, eye-candy wise. Also, the added texture is certainly a welcome change!

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The covers can be bought from Trading Shenzhen for 16 EUR a piece… apart from the wooden rear covers, Trading Shenzhen also ship rear skins for the phone. In fact, I like the Carbon Fiber-styled rear skin more than any of the wooden rear covers!

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