Poll: Rumours of a Chinese Nexus, Who do you want to make it?

Could it be possible that Google are looking to work with a Chinese phone maker to product a new Nexus device? Sounds logical to us, and even insiders are acknowledging rumours of such a partnership.

Tech insiders across China are discussing the possibility of Google working with a Chinese phone maker to produce the next generation Nexus phone. The device, the Nexus 7 (phone), is rumoured to be manufactured by a Chinese brand who can offer high quality at a low-price, and it has gotten us wondering which vendors it could possibly be.

The most logical choice would be Lenovo. Google have already sold Motorola to Lenovo, and the PC maker is desperate to make it big in the smartphone business. They have the power, resources and the production methods to build a Nexus phone, but are they the only choice?

Other possibilities would be Huawei or ZTE. Both brands have successful smartphone lines and both want to build a presence outside of China with U.S and European consumers.

An outsider could be Xiaomi, they certainly know how to make an Android phone at a good price, but could they really work on a phone that doesn’t offer MIUI? Chances are very unlikely that Xiaomi and Google could work on such a device.

Who do you think would make a perfect partner for Google to build a Nexus phone? Take part in the poll below to have your say:

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