Knock off Apple Watch already spotted on sale in China for $55

knock off apple watch china

Window shoppers at China’s largest gadget markets have spotted fake Apple watches already on sale at a cost of just $55.

It’s not surprising that Chinese clone makers have been attracted to the Apple Watch, and it is even less surprising that the fake versions have already been spied in markets across the country for a cut down price.

In China a fake Apple watch will cost around 346 Yuan, roughly $55, which compared to the Chinese retail price of the real thing (from 2500 Yuan) represents quite a saving. The fake version of the Apple watch will work with any smartphone which has bluetooth and shows notifications, allows remote control of your smartphones camera and will monitor sleep and exercise though out the day.

The packaging which the knock off Apple watch comes in identifies it as multi-lingual, with Bluetooth 4.1, but little else is known such as the battery size and how often it will need charging.

Although it might be tempting to pick one of these clones up, our advice would to steer well clear. We have been less than impressed with the majority of non-Android Wear smart wearables from China, and imagine this clone to offer very few useful functions.

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