Xiaomi not the only one to offer Windows 10, Nubia Z9 will...

Xiaomi not the only one to offer Windows 10, Nubia Z9 will get it too!


Yesterday it was announced that Microsoft would work with Xiaomi to test Windows 10 in China, but it won’t just be Xiaomi fans who enjoy the optional system, the Nubia Z9 will also get it too.

ZTE have been heading to events and taking cheeky photos of their unreleased Z9 to promote it ahead of the official launch. So far the Nubia Z9 has made its way to MWC where it enjoyed a bit of a photography shoot, and now it has been spotted at yesterday’s Microsoft event in Shenzhen.

What makes this latest sighting the most intriguing is the fact the Nubia Z9 in the photos isn’t running Android at all but Windows Mobile! So will Nubia also be working on a pre-release test for Windows 10 like Xiaomi too or will the Nubia Z9 ship with the OS as an option?

What do you think of the idea of optional systems for your Android phone? Are you interested in giving Windows OS or Ubuntu a try on your device?

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    meh,.. z9 will be expensive as fk!

    • TheOracle

      Not likely to be much more expensive than the Z7 series.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        hope so…

        • TheOracle

          The Z7 max and mini are a steal. The flagship Z7 not so much of a bargain. If that pricing model is continued then the max and mini will be very popular.

          • Kenshiro

            Some resellers here in Spain don’t have the Z7 Max in stock anymore, they told me that ZTE is stopping to build the Z7 series… is this possible ? Fortunately I found availability in nubiamobileshop. I think that the Z9 will be very expensive. Prices will drop eventually, but I don’t like the design that much.

  • TheOracle

    Give me both OS’s on the same phone. Not sure what I’d do with Windows but it would be nice to have.

  • dutchgio

    Dual boot plz.

  • David Košič

    Hate to break it to you but Windows Mobile has been dead for about 5 years now. However Windows Phone is still around.

  • karretje

    Windows on xiaomi??? Buy buy xiaomi

    • Alex

      buy buy or bye bye?…. Seems your grammar is off

      • Andy

        I would say he is correct – Windows 10 + any nice phone = you have to buy it twice ( perhaps for family member) 😀 It is really great news for anyone looking for a stable OS on the phone.

        • Buy buy indeed. Don’t just buy one, keep buying more of the same phone. Ok sir, have a nice day – Come back soon!

  • Kenshiro

    Hi guys,
    Do you know if http://www.nubiamobileshop.com/ is trustworthy ? I have seen availability for the Z7 Max there, but they’re not answering my emails.