Newman are back and ready to launch a new phone next month

newman android phone 2015

When was the last time you heard about Chinese smartphone maker Newman? Yep it has been awhile, but it is great to see that they are still alive and kicking.

Newman were one of the first Chinese smartphone makers that made an impact outside of China. If you cast your mind back you might remember the Newman N1 and N2, the latter shipped with a Samsung Exynos chip.

Last year was a very quiet year for Newman and we were worrying that perhaps they had met a terrible fate, but that is not the case! Today on the official Newman Weibo page, the company have released some details of their upcoming launch and new phone.

From the teasers we can piece together than the upcoming Newman smartphone will feature YunOS, the sale Alibaba ROM that Meizu and Philips have been using.

As for the phone itself, well it looks like a slender stylish device and appears to have some sort of button or control on the rear just below the camera sensor. Chances are that this is a fingerprint scanner for added security.

Details of the hardware of the phone haven’t been released, but we feel confident that we will learn it is a flagship Mediatek device during the launch event on April 8th.

[ Weibo ]
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