3rd Generation Xiaomi TV powered by Nvidia Tegra X1?

Tomorrow Xiaomi’s newest product will be unveiled, and it is looking likely to be a pair of TV’s running powerful Nvidia Tegra X1 processors.

As usual, Xiaomi are doing their best to keep their fans excited about the prospect of a new device, with official teasers and even posts from company bosses. The newest teaser asks if the new MiTV will be 1080, or 4K, will focus on gaming or video, will be large a small. There are even Xiaomi polls where fans can vote for their MiTV predictions.

Many of the tech press, including ourselves think that there will actually be 2 Xiaomi MiTV’s launched tomorrow. A more affordable 1080 model with smaller screen size, and a larger 4K model. Pricing for the 4K model should be around the 3000 Yuan mark meaning the 1080 model could be even cheaper!

Source close to Xiaomi have suggest that the MITV 3 might move away from a Qualcomm processor too and pack an Nvidia Tegra X1 for ultimate gaming performance. More news tomorrow when we get the final details.

[ GizChina.it ]
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