Update: Nubia Z9 destroys Antutu with 56,892 point benchmark

nubia z9 antutu

An Antutu benchmark shows that the Nubia Z9 is capable of some seriously high Antutu benchmark scores.

A hands on photo of both the Snapdragon 810 Nubia Z9, alongside a Snapdragon 615 powered Nubia Z9 Mini, has shown up online proving the new flagship phone is a really performer, well based on Antutu results at least.

The image shows the Snapdragon 810 version of the phone with an unbelieveable score of 56,892 points, setting a new standard for Chinese Android smartphones which we are sure Meizu, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei etc are looking to beat. On the flip side though, the SD 625 version of the phone is quite disappointing on Antutu.

The Nubia Z9 mini gets a score of only 28,501 points which is well behind most MT6752 phones we have seen. The Meizu m1 note, and even the $160 Mlais M52 Red Note are capable of scores of well over 40,000.

The Nubia Z9 range will go on sale in China in mid April.

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