Nubia Z9 leaked shows near bezel-less design

nubia z9 leaked

After Weibo posts from Nubia bosses that the Nubia Z9 will launch with a borderless design yesterday, we had our doubts at what “borderless” actually meant. If these leaks are any indication then “almost borderless” would be a better description.

As we said yesterday, we have been promised border free phones for months now, but not one phone company has actually released a phone with screen to screen edges, there is always a very narrow sliver of bezel in-between (which is fine), so when we hear a company make claims that they’ve finally cracked it we tend not to hold our breath.

Yesterday Nubia bosses said the flagship Nubia Z9 would feature a borderless design, and today leaks of the phone indicate this isn’t exactly true. While the phone in the image is mostly screen up to the edge there is still a slim bezel lurking away there.

It remains to be seen if this leak is genuine or not, but our only is on Oppo for making the first phone that “appears” be be borderless after seeing their recent patent.

Is it really necessary for a phone to have zero bezel, or is a couple of mm or less acceptable?

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