Xiaomi bags a Guinness World Record during the MiFan Festivities

Xiaomi’s 5th anniversary festival promos ended at 10:00pm yesterday and we’re all waiting to hear about how many of its products the company actually managed to sell during that time. Now, Xiaomi has revealed all the details on yesterday’s sales, and it’s very, very impressive.

The company had a lot of items on sale, including TVs, routers, power strips, power banks, headphones, fitness bands and even air purifiers, but it’s in smartphone sales that Xiaomi really pulled a shocker. The now 5 year old company managed to sell 2.12 million smartphones in the span of 12 hours. Not only is this an amazingly staggering amount, but Xiaomi also managed to bag an official Guinness World Record certificate for the most smartphone sales in 24 hours on a single platform.

This is an abnormally huge amount for any smartphone manufacturer, and it’s even more impressive when you consider that Xiaomi is a Chinese brand, and the sale only took place in China. Meizu, for example, only managed to sell 1.2 million smartphones in the entire month of January, which is still less than the amount that Xiaomi managed in 12 hours. It truly shows how much the company has grown since the days of MIUI V4 and the Xiaomi M1.

Xiaomi has also released more information about yesterday’s sale, and it is quite the eye opener. At the end of the 12 hours, Xiaomi had managed to sell 2.08 billion Yuan worth of products, which comes up to $451194492.

The complete list of sales made are as follows:

  • Xiaomi Smartphone : 2.12 million
  • Xiaomi TVs : 38,600
  • Xiaomi Mi Router : 79,000
  • Xiaomi Power Strip : 247,000
  • Xiaomi PowerBank : 403,000
  • Xiaomi Piston Headphones : 336,000
  • Xiaomi Mi Band : 209,000
  • Xiaomi Air Purifier : 3.12 million
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As you can see, these number are massive! In fact, over 1420 people were a part of this big festival day sale supporting the company! Xiaomi also reports that it shipped over 500,000 orders yesterday itself, which is once again quite impressive. It’s really surprising to see Xiaomi managing everything so smoothly. The company had enough stock to last for the day despite these many orders and were well prepared for processing them in time.

Yesterday’s sale was unfortunately limited to China, but with so much support from international fans, we do believe that the next huge sale will take place in more than just China.

So what do you think about these numbers? Impressive? Just for show?


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