LeTV S1, S1 Pro and Max Complete Specifications Tables

letv s1 max

I’m sure you are all very aware that LeTV have released a trio of high-end Android phones today, we briefly went over the main details here, but now we have compiled full specifications for you to look over.

LeTV have made a huge song and dance about them entering the highly competitive phone market. The company, known for online video streaming, have some fierce competition to take on, but we feel that specs, design and pricing of the LeTV range make them a compelling buy.

Three phones were announced today with all but the 6-inch LeTV Max getting a confirmed retail price. Below we have collected all available details of the 3 devices for you to take a look at in your own time.

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LeTV are releasing a few different versions of each phone, so depending on where you are you will need to ensure you buy the model that supports networks in your home country. The table below shows the version types and their network parameters.

LeTV S1 Network Support

letv s1 network support

LeTV S1 Pro Network Support

Letv S1 pro network support

LeTV Max Network Support

letv max network support

LeTV S1 Gallery

LeTV S1 Pro Gallery

LeTV S1 Max Gallery

Which LeTV phone is best for you?

Well if you are on a budget then the LeTV S1 is the obvious choice. At a starting price of 1499 Yuan the device boasts a powerful chipset, good amount of RAM and features that we don’t normally associate with low-cost phones like OIS, IR Remote and USB Type C. Lollipop is a bonus too, as is the 3000mAh battery and 5.5-inch FHD display.

letv s1 pro

If you want more features and a more classy body then the LeTV S1 Pro is the phone for you. As well as a 2K display, 4GB RAM and up to 64GB memory, the Pro model gets the benefit of LeTV’s Le Hi-Fi audio, USB Type C 3.0 and 4K HDMI out.

letv s1 max

If you want an all in one device and don’t see yourself wanting to hook your phone up to a TV then the Max is the phone to get. The larger 6.33-inch 2K panel is more than large enough to share video, and you also get a more advanced 21 mega-pixel Sony IMX230 sensor to play around with too.

Looking over the phones you will also notice that each phone as dual SIM support and versions with network support for some international locations will be available too.

So now we know all the LeTV phone details, and we have chosen the best for our use, all we need to wait for is a way to buy these flagship devices outside of China.

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