Cubot X10, world slimmest water-proof smartphone

cubot x10

The Cubot X10 is another break from the norm when it comes to rugged phones, this time offering an elegant waterproof design.

Although Cubot haven’t been as visible in the media a other brands this year, the company are making changes to their range that is having a good effect on their overall brand image.

The X10 is a new phone from Cubot and from the design alone looks rather good, much better than any previous Cubot has. According to the blurb the X10 has an alloy frame and it looks like there is glass front and rear for a thickness of only 7.1mm.

cubot x10

Being a Unibody design, Cubot have managed to seal to the phone to make it waterproof. How waterproof we are not sure, but the marketing images show the phone under a running tap. We’re not sure how long it could remain water tight if it was totally submerged.

Pricing is around $160, which these days can bet you a 64bit LTE phone with 2GB RAM. The Cubot gets the RAM right but the SoC is just a MT6592M with no LTE support. Other details include dual SIM support, 5.5-inch HD display and 13 mega-pixel main camera.

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