Elephone P6000 vs JiaYu F2 vs Cubot X9 – A quick look at 3 budget smartphones

Elephone P6000 vs JiaYu F2 vs Cubot X9

If you are in the market for a budget Android smartphone for around $130 take a look at this quick comparision between the Elephone P6000, JiaYu F2 and Cubot X9.

You could spend a fortune on smartphones nowaday, but with budget phones now offering higher performance than every before is it really worth shelling out the extra money? If your main objectives of a smartphone are calling, message, internet, GPS, apps and decent cameras then one of these sub $130 phones should fit the bill.

Elephone P6000, Jiayu F2, Cubot X9: Specifications

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Elephone P6000, Jiayu F2, Cubot X9: Design

Elephone P6000 vs JiaYu F2 vs Cubot X9

The three phones have similar body size with 5” HD display. Jiayu F2’s plastic back cover has a grid texture, the Elephone P6000 has the piano like glossy back cover, Cubot X9, on the other hand, has a finish close to the iPhone 6.

Elephone P6000, Jiayu F2, Cubot X9: Performance

Each phone is powered by a Mediatek chipset, but each phone is running a different model chip. The Elephone P6000 uses the most modern SoC of the trio being the MT6732 quad-core chip with 64bit architecture. The MT6732 offers native LTE support and also a boost in graphic performance. The JiaYu F2 also has a quad-core chip but an older 32bit MT6582, the MT6582 also needs a additional LTE modem for 4G. Finally the Cubot X9 has an octacore MT6592, last years top of the range MTK chip, but a far cry from today’s 64bit SoC in performance.

Elephone P6000 Antutu

JiaYu F2 Antutu

Cubot X9 Antutu

Elephone P6000, Jiayu F2, Cubot X9: Cameras

Indoor light comparison

Color difference is obvious if viewing the pictures side by side. The Elephone P6000 portrays the actual colors and has good saturation, the Cubot X9 is over exposed and seems and needs the white balance to be adjusted. The Jiayu F2 made a better job than Cubot X9 but still lags behined the Elephone slightly in overall performance.

Elephone P6000 Night Photo
Elephone P6000 Night Photo
JiaYu F2 Night Photo
JiaYu F2 Night Photo
Cubot X9 Night Photo
Cubot X9 Night Photo


The first thing you should notice is that the Jiayu F2 has too much noise in low light environment. The camera is also sluggish. That’s caused by the low light algorithm scenarios of camera. When the phone detects dim light, it automatically adjust the ISO and shutter for more light. The idea is that the camera should be able to soak up more light and produce better low light photos, but in use it is too slow and spoils user experience, plus the image is terrible. The P6000 took more saturated color photos if you take a look at the street light and building on the back. It’s not the actual color but still looks decent. Cubot X9 took the best shots under low light condition.

Elephone P6000, Jiayu F2, Cubot X9: Conclusion

The Elephone P6000, Jiayu F2 and Cubot X9 fall in at between $120 to $130 (the Elephone P6000 is only $119.99 at the moment). They are all from popular Chinese phone makers and one might think that they are basically the same device with different designs. As you can see from the benchmarks, design and camera performance though there are major differences between each device even at this price.

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