UMi Emax coming May packs a 3780mAh battery

umi emax

Recent announcements of new phones will have fans of large battery phones excited, and here is another from Chinese phone maker UMi.

The UMi Emax was spied in Hong Kong a few weeks back where it was revealed the phone would offer a larger 5.5-inch display, faster MT6752 processor and larger 3700mAh battery.

According to UMi the Emax will boast ā€œcutting edge battery technologyā€, they havenā€™t gone in to details yet but this could mean a new battery design, or fast charging technologies similar to Mediatekā€™s Pump Express.

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Heavy phone users should also take note that UMi claim that the 3780mAh battery in the UMi Emax can last up to 3 days on a single charge! Plus with OTG you can charge other device with the Emax too (apparently enough juice to recharge an iPhone 6 twice..)

In addition to the large battery and powerbank feature, the Emax has a Mediatek 64bit processor, LTE, and 5.5-inch FHD display.

UMi are promising more details throughout the month with a ā€œbig surpriseā€ on 25th May. Keep posted.

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  1. Marc
    April 30, 2015

    Umi Zero is also supposed to have 2780mah battery but my Zero phone has around 1000mah. So I don’t believe Emax will have 3780mah. Umi is a company of liars. Umi Zero is useless phone (besides battery I have problems with mic during calls) and the worst investment in my whole life.

    • Airyl
      April 30, 2015

      What did you use to check the battery? Geekbench?

      • Marc
        April 30, 2015

        I don’t need apps to value battery capacity. Battery lasts 6 hours of normal use and that is disaster and it can’t be 2780mah. There are some users that have measured capacity with different apps and they showed around 1000mah. I had Zopo C2 with 2000mah capacity and lasted all day of normal use.
        I would return Zero phone back, but I need to pay 50 euros to send it to China and most probably customs costs when they would send me back.

        • Mezz
          April 30, 2015

          1000mAh, i think you make a mistake lol.

          • Marc
            April 30, 2015

            So, how do you explain that battery lasts only 6 hours? Phone is 3 months old and battery drain is the same from beginning of use. I tried all variety of roms without improvement.

            • Eddy Bruin
              April 30, 2015

              I understood this 1000mah reported by apps Is shown because of a mediatek bug. In other words de 1000 mah is not true, however also the 2780 mah does not seem to be true. My umi zero also has terrible drain.

            • delboy
              May 5, 2015

              If you don’t know how to fix simple android phone to work well, then, i suggest, you buy Samsung for triple amount of money. It’s not fair of you, to call Umi Zero bad phone because your lack of knowledge. I have Zero for 4 mounts and is great phone.

        • April 30, 2015

          No app can display the battery capacity šŸ˜‰

  2. Rob
    April 30, 2015

    I read an interesting article yesterday that said most phone users are most unhappy about their smartphone battery life, however when it comes to buying a new phone, brand and specs is more important to them than a larger capacity battery and most consumers end up buying a new phone with a smaller battery. This is the main reason most phones come with smaller than ideal batteries, mainly because consumers just won’t buy thicker phones with big batteries, even though they demand it!

    • Riccardo Benzoni
      May 2, 2015

      the name was changed after the event