Samsung gets cloned again! This time it is No.1

I often wonder if clone phones are really such a great business practice, well they must as the second Samsung Galaxy S6 clone today!

The curved screen of the flagship S6 is going to prove to difficult for Chinese phone makers to copy, but the flat screen of lesser model is a walk in the park. So easy in fact that there are now 2 Galaxy S6 clones on the market.

Judging by the hardware of this No.1 branded phone and the Landvo S6 from earlier today, both phones are the same only the branding is different.

The No.1 S6i specs claim a 5.1-inch 720HD display, 6.8mm body, Android 5.0, MT6582, 1GB RAM and no SD card support (same as the Landvo). No.1 also list the main camera as a 16 mega-pixel, but we know that the actual sensor is an 8 mega-pixel unit.

Pricing for the No.1 S6 is just under $120, with some online sellers already offering the knock off.

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