1 question: Is there really still a market for clone phones?

goophone i6 iphone 6 clone

After seeing two different phone makers announce and promote their latest knock off designs we ask “s there really still a market for clone phones?”

The Chinese phone industry is at the cutting edge of production design and development. Each year we see Chinese phone makers lead the world in technology and innovation. Examples are easy to come by, Vivo were the first phone maker to use a 2K display, Oppo innovated with the rotating camera of the N1 and N3, and Gionee are constantly trying to build the thinnest smartphones on the market.

They might not get everything right each time, but at least Chinese smartphone makers, as a whole, are bringing cutting edge ideas, technology and design to the phone market.

But still there are some people who see Chinese phones as cheap, low quality and laughable devices, this blame can be partly blamed on the past, but also current clone phones which are still being produced and sold on the market.

no 1 s6

We have seen a decrease in the number of clones in recent years, but they are still about with 2 brands announcing knock off version of the Galaxy S6 just today, but is there really a market for these devices?

Often there are equally or better spec phones as the clones for the same money, but are people really choosing a fake phone over a none clone?

In our opinion we would not recommend or buy a clone, but that’s just our opinion. Do you think there is still a market for such devices? Do you think clones are a good prospect for phone buyers? Or do you hope that they will all be eventually abandoned for more original products? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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