Kingzone confirm that the Kingzone K2 is in the works

Kingzone have today announced that they are working on a “mystery” new product named the Kingzone K2 to follow up the amazingly popular Kingzone K1.

Kingzone had great success last year with the Kingzone K1 and want to emulate that success with a new device. At this time the company have only confirmed the name of the device but have left a few teasers as to what possible features the phone might boast.

On their official website, Kingzone say the new phone will be named the Kingzone K2 and that it might have all or some of the following hardware features:

  • flexible display
  • wearable
  • eye identification
  • super slim metal body
  • voice control
  • NFC
  • fingerprint sensor

Looking at the information in the post and taking a glimpse at current Chinese flagship phones we can guess the Kingzone K2 will feature the following specifications:

  • 2.5D display
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Retina ID running from the front camera
  • Lollipop (for the retina recognition updates)
  • Metal body
  • NFC
  • Touch ID style fingerprint sensor

Kingzone state that their company are getting bigger and they have high expectations. The Kingzone K2 should be announced fairly soon.

[ Kingzone, via CMM ]
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