Nubia Z9 FIT Tech GIFs show bezel gestures in action

nubia z9 spy photo

Tonight in Beijing the Nubia Z9 will be announced, but ahead of that Nubia have released a set of GIFs showing the phones innovative bezel gesture features.

The Nubia Z9 can be clearly seen in these images as a phone with no bezel. Just a glass display running up to a metal frame on either side. But as these are animated GIF files we can also see the phone and its clever FIT Tech in action.

Screenshots from the Nubia Z9 posted last month pointed at gesture sensing areas on each side of the flagship phone. From those screenshots we could see that certain gestures can control features on the phone from the screen brightness, screen shot and even camera features.

The following GIFs show these gesture controls in action confirming the leak and also revealing the name FIT Tech.






Side gestures are a neat feature, but it remains to be seen if they will actually be useful or end up being nothing more than a gimmick.

The Nubia Z9 launch will be held at 19:00 in Beijing. The phone is reported to cost 4299 Yuan and feature high end processing and SLR camera features.

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