Xiaomi Mi4 running Windows 10 in a new hands-on video!

Back in March Microsoft revealed that it will be working with Xiaomi in China to test Windows 10. Now a new video of the device running the OS emerges.

Microsoft made a smart move in an attempt to attract attention to its new Windows 10 OS for smartphones in China by establishing a partnership with Xiaomi. Since the orginal annoucement we had seen leaked images, but now a video showing Windows 10 on the Mi4 has been posted online:


From the video we can see the Windows 10 on Mi4 is still in its early stages, which makes sense, since the system is still in Beta even on Microsoft handsets. We can also see some of the system applications running on the device, the caller is working well, the message application, Internet Explorer, Windows Store and even Office are working flawlessly on the device.

Currently the OS should be available only to beta testers, but we keep our fingers crossed for an official public launch soon.

What’s your opinion on Windows 10? Would you like to see more Chinese phone makers embrace the alternate mobile OS?

Thanks to Simon for the tip!

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