Siswoo A Series to cover entry-level needs

siswoo a series

Siswoo have made some interesting announcements over the past few weeks. More news from the company shows that they are looking to take care of the entry-level phone market with a trio of new phones.

We don’t have all the details so far, but what we do know is that the new Siswoo range will be called the “A Series” with phones ranging from 4-inch to 5-inch. Models A4 (4-inch), A4+ (4.5-inch) and A5 (5-inch), will all feature 64bit processors, dual SIM, LTE and Android Lollipop, but with features aimed at making the phones affordable rather than the latest flagship killers.

siswoo a series

We’re getting more details from Siswoo about these new phones and will post details once we have them. In other news Siswoo recently opened a European service center in Spain to cover repairs and warranties and also showed off their dual screen Darkmoon model last month.

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