Supposed Xiaomi Mi5 leaked picture with a Fingerprint scanner.


The popular leakers group called Upleaks have done their homework once again, this time bringing us an image of a new unknown device from Xiaomi.

It’s not yet clear if the phone in the render is genuine or if it is meant to be either the Mi5 or Redmi 2. So far rumours have given us details of both phones which match this mystery device leaving us guessing to what it actually is.

In the leak we can see a clear difference in the design adopted that slightly distances itself from any company’s previous handset. We can see a curved alloy chassis design, which may resemble anything from Meizu,and there is what appears to be a  Fingerprint Scanner, making debut for the first time in a Xiaomi phone.

Others details that also can be noted are the, Dual Flash-LED mounted just above the camera, the IR Blaster at the very top of the device. Theres also a difference that we can see in the picture that the speaker seems to be moved from the bottom, as it is on Mi4i for example, to the rear of the device.

Let us know your thoughts about this Mi5 leak, seems reliable? It is actually the Mi5? Or perhaps this is the actual Redmi Note 2? Share with us!

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