A new battery technology from ZTE promises 3x more endurance!

China’s ZTE could be developing a new battery technology that promises to give 2 to 3 more endurance than conventional batteries already in the market.

In recent years the mobile handsets industry had a tremendous growth and it continues day after day. In the search to achieve the consumer’s preferences companies are always looking to deliver “unique” features on their devices, and for that reason we can see devices with even higher resolutions, faster processors, more Ram, and even devices trying to break the limits of thickness. This last trend, directly brings us to the main point, an undeniable factor one feature that is often sacrificed or even neglected when making  a thin phone is battery size.


However, we can observe that recently some companies have become more attentive to this factor, and also hearing consumers request for good battery life. We can see some of them offering big batteries, other gigantic batteries! And some just offering fast charging capabilities to minimize the time lost with the charging.

With ZTE’s new battery tech though we could see an increase in battery size of up to 3 times. The new battery tech, like that found in the new Macbook, will create batteries designed for the available space in the phones body. As you can see in the render, this example shows a curved battery.

Sources at ZTE claim that along with larger battery capacities the new battery tech has actually lowered the cost of manufacturing by as much as 15%! Larger battey and lower price are music to our ears!

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