Xiaomi Mi Note now from only 1999 Yuan in China

xiaomi mi note

When the flagship Mi Note launched at 2499 Yuan some customers were upset, but those who held out for a price drop will be laughing all the way to the bank today.

Of the Mi Note models to buy, the standard Xiaomi Mi Note is the best in my mind. The 1080 display is amazing, performance from the SD 810 is fantastic and you don’t have to worry about the overheating issues of the SD810.

The Mi Note also gets another bonus today as the price has bee cut to just 1999 Yuan, the same price as the Mi4 when it launched last year!

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Chances of resellers drop prices isn’t likely just yet until they shift current stock and manage to take advantage of the price cut themselves. Anyone who is contemplating a Mi Note can pick one up from Honorbuy.com, and we suggest you get a rubber cover to go along with it as the back is very slippy.

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  1. Greg Zeng
    June 29, 2015

    What is the $$$$ value in INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY …. please.

    English is the planet’s only international language. Who do you think you are writing for ??

    • King
      June 29, 2015

      Type “1999 yuan to USD” in Google search and hit the “I am feeling lucky” button mate. 😉

    • Angry Mobile Nerd
      June 29, 2015

      Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you get to turn your brain off. Currency exchange isn’t rocket science and it’s easier to figure out than ever with the internet, shouldn’t take you more than half a minute.

      • Ronnie Katsie
        June 30, 2015

        you are right but since we consider USD as an international currency they should convert for us in there articles

        • thoroc
          June 30, 2015

          The only issue there is the intermediaries that takes their cuts as you cannot get this directly from the US, I believe.

        • Mike
          July 2, 2015

          Come on this is a chinese devices oriented website…Don’t be such an idiot. You US people are not the only one reading this blog. Do you expect them to convert CNY into all currency? I personaly don’t give a damn about price in USD

          • Ronnie Katsie
            July 2, 2015

            According to your reasoning capacity you are really from……… i thought since those gadgets originates from china, people of china already have many source of information from conferences, mass media, companies websites, etc to me Gizchina target is rest of the world not china and the reason why i said dollar of the three prominent currencies (USD, GBP and Euro) dolar is the most prominent as ive been purchasing from china online but never been requested to send yuan nor presented prices in yuan. Man its time for you to move there is a bigger world outside of China. Poor You!!!! First think of the website’s target Audience and if so then the site would have been in chinese as they have there one writtings

      • Greg Zeng
        July 11, 2015

        When you grow up, you will discover the Internet. There is so much stuff there, the skill is in not reading RUBBISH.

        If a writer on the internet refuses to write for the international audience, Allah offers them a place in heaven with lots of virgins. They have lots of time to waste 30 seconds on every rubbish read on the internet.

        However, I’m glad for your sincere support of rubbish writers who do not want international readers.

  2. AHappyKoalaBear
    June 29, 2015

    typo, ” The 1080 display is amazing, performance from the SD 810 is fantastic” 801 instead of 810

  3. SmestarZ
    June 29, 2015

    In a way they are going to kill the market for one plus Two