Video: Looks like the Honor 7 can take a beating (explosion test)

The Huawei Honor 7 just released, and with impressive specs, only a top-notch build is what one wants.

It looks as though Huawei have you covered on that front, because as you’ll see from the video posted by the company, the phone is built pretty well. Almost every manufacturer this year has bet big on metal chassis and other high quality material, after not a lot of ground is left to be covered on the specs front.

The Honor 7 launched yesterday, i.e., 30th June 2015 with impressive specifications across three variants. You can read more about the Honor 7 here.

The video that the company posted shows the phone atop some explosives that try to blow it apart. What happens next will blow your mind… not. Because since it’s a video posted by the company, its sure as hell is to show the phone in good light.

Nonetheless, the phone looks pretty well made. A ‘let me take a selfie first’ moment at the end would’ve been a cool addition…

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