Elephone jump ship, building a budget Snapdragon phone for just $79.99

elephone qualcomm phone

Our sources at Elephone have sent us surprising news this morning of a new phone based on a Qualcomm chip and costing just $79.99.

So far we have only seen Mediatek phones come through the doors of the Elephone factory, the only exception being the rumoured dual-boot Elephone Vowney with Intel chip due for launch later this year, but we should see a Qualcomm phone ahead of this.

According to our sources, Elephone are now working on a device with a Snapdragon processor, but it isn’t a flagship phone but rather a budget device with a price tag of just $79.99.

The full specifications haven’t been revealed yet but what we do know is the SoC is a quad-core 64bit running at 1.2Ghz, there will be 2GB RAM on board and the display will be a 5-inch 1280 x 720 HD panel.

elephone qualcomm phone

Images of the phone show a capacitive home button, and rounded textured black body.

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