Top 10 ways to keep up with the latest from

GizChina is always expanding and adding more to its network for you the Chinese tech fan to get the latest and greatest news as and when you need it. Here are the top 10 ways you can keep up to date with

With up to 20 new articles, reviews and exclusives a day it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the latest Chinese tech news, luckily there are plenty of great ways you can get the latest news no matter where you are:

New GizChina Mobile theme

It is no secret that didn’t look all that great on a smartphone in the past, but now this has all changed! With an all new clean and easy to read mobile theme you can get the latest from right on your mobile phone or tablet.

GizChina Forums

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Our forums are still quite young, but they are getting more and more active all the time. Feel free to log in and ask for advice, give advice and even share photo samples from your latest Chinese phone purchase.

[ GizChina Forums ]

GizChina Core Group

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If you want to be more active with the community then why not join our GizChina Core group on Facebook? The Core group is where we share special offers, help each other out with advice, share stories and is also a great way to give suggestions on how we can improve the site.

[ GizChina Core ]

GizChina Facebook

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The Facebook page is automatically updated with the latest news from It is also where we report on the latest happenings from launch events in real time as and when they happen.

[ GizChina Facebook ]

GizChina Twitter

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The GizChina Twitter account is automatically updated as we post news on the site. Follow us on Twitter and the latest news will be tweeted directly to your phone.

[ GizChina Twitter ]

GizChina Google+

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Only recently did I realise that Google+ had stopped updating for us. That is fixed now and you will see the latest GizChina news and videos added to our Google+ account in realtime.

[ GizChina Google+ ]

GizChina YouTube

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For hands on videos, reviews, etc YouTube is the place to be and if you like Chinese smartphones then the GizChina YouTube channel with other 11,000 subscribers is where you want to be.

[ GizChina YouTube ]

GizChina RSS Feed

If you like your news fed to you via a RSS feed reader then we have one of those too. Add the GizChina RSS feed to your favourite application and the latest Chinese smartphone news will wing its way to you directly.

[ GizChina RSS ]

GizChina Feedburner

If you are to busy through the day to keep checking on your social media, and mobile then sign up to our Feedburner and a daily digest of our articles will be emailed to you at the end of each day.

[ GizChina Feedburner ]

Of course you can also come to the main website to get your Chinese phone fix too! Speaking of which we are currently taking suggestion on a redesign for the new site, have your say in the GizChina Core group.

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