Zeaplus S2 wearable costs just $49

zeaplus watch

Following on from their basic Mi Band styled wearable, Zeaplus have also launched a more luxurious watch for people needing a little more class and functionality.

The Zeaplus Watch S2 costs only $49.99, which in the grand scheme of wearable devices is a very low price indeed. In fact you would be hard pushed to find a standard watch at this price.

Like the No.1 Sun watch, the Zeaplus S2 boasts a round display with the same black spot as the Moto 360. The watch features a chunky metal body and metal band giving it a traditional timepiece appearance.

Hardware features include a Mediatek MT6290 processor, 32mb RAM, 128mb memory and even a 1.3 mega-pixel camera incase you ever need to do a little spying. Like most wearables the basic features of the S2 include pedometer and sleep monitoring, but with a touch screen implemented you can also answer calls and see notifications.

Priced at only $49.99, the Zeaplus S2 is sure to be popular, but is it something you are likely to buy?

[ Zeaplus ]
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