Open Thread: What Chinese phones have you owned?

As technology progresses, it’s as sure as the rising sun that your smartphone preference will change, too. Change is inevitable, but what never changes is your love for old smartphones.

Somewhere out there, whether in the possession of a family member or friend, or even in your own special box, lies a smartphone that you bonded with, a smartphone that had a design you like, or stand-out software that makes you miss it, even now. Yeah, that smartphone.

What Chinese phones have you owned?

Once again, we’re back with another open thread that will allow you to travel back down memory lane. Is there a special memory of a special smartphone that you have? If so, feel free to share a list of smartphone(s) you fell in love with, why you love that/those smartphone(s), and any funny or interesting moments with your preferred smartphone. We can’t wait to interact with you in the comments!

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