ZUK Z1 confirmed to have Snapdragon SoC, 3GB RAM, Cyanogenmod and more

lenovo zuk z1

Lenovo backed ZUK will launch its first smartphone later this year and we have received more exclusive details of the ZUK Z1 device.

Lenovo backing a start-up isn’t all that shocking. Everyone has seen what a small disruptive company an achieve (take a look at OnePlus) and Lenovo obviously want a taste of it.

Chinese start-up ZUK will be benefiting from Lenovo’s input, and it won’t be just Chinese phone fans who will be able to buy the phone once launched as the brand also have European aspirations.

What about the phone though? What can we expect from the fledgling brand? Well we have already learned about U-touch, a fingerprint scanner and gesture system on the chin below the screen and we also know that a battery of more than 4000mAh will be in place, what else?

Today we can confirm that the ZUK Z1 will be a Snapdragon powered phone, although we don’t know which SoC it seems likely an SD810 will be used. Since Lenovo have been known to use Mediatek and even Intel chips in phones this is certainly some interesting news.

zuk z1 utouch

The partial specifications that we have been sent also reveal the ZUK Z1 will have 3GB RAM (1GB RAM less than the OP2) and an option of either 16/32 or 64GB which indicates the inclusion of an SD card is very unlikely.

Screen size is 5.5-inch although we don’t yet know the resolution or the physical size of the phone. A 13 mega-pixel AF rear camera will sit on the rear with LED flash, and Android 5.1 will run on the phone. CyanogenMod is also mentioned in the specs, but we do not know if this will be an optional ROM or the stock system. Perhaps Chinese customers will get stock Android while EU customers receive CM?

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The details go on to mention that an August 2015 date is scheduled for launch and that the supported networks of the ZUK Z1 include GSM/EDGE- 2、3、5、8; CDMA- BC0;
UMTS- 1、2、5、8; CDMA2000- BC0; TDSCDMA- 34、39
TDD- 39、40、41(38); FDD- 1、3、7, and that a fast charge 5V/2A solution will be used to keep the phone full of power.

With those additional details now known what do you think of the ZUK Z1 so far? Does the newcomer stand a chance?

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