The No.1 Watch comes with room for a SIM for call directly from your wrist!

no1 watch

No.1 have switched focus this year from phone maker to wearable vender. The latest is the No.1 Watch with built-in call support.

There are many many many smartwatches that can be bought from China. Prices are low, and quality is going up with many wearables looking more like traditional timepieces with alloy and leather construction.

Despite the choice on offer though, many wearables from China simply offer the same performance and hardware in slightly different packaging.

no1 watch

The No.1 Watch is a little different though. Yes, it still has a round touch display, syncs with your phone and will monitor your exercise habits, but its secret trick is space for a SIM card allowing you to call people right from your wrist Dick Tracy style!

With a Mediatek MT6260 chipset inside the metal body, the No.1 Watch has enough processing power for the 240 x 240 display, run simple apps and has 2G network support for voice calls over GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz.

No.1 haven’t released pricing details for the new wearable, but looking at their previous devices we don’t expect an astronomical price tag.

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