You’ll soon be able to buy OnePlus 2’s USB Type-C cable for $5

The OnePlus 2 may or may not have been the phone that you envisioned following the extensive marketing from the company, but there’s something that might well end up in your kitty — the OnePlus 2 USB Type-C cable.

The fact that the OnePlus 2 would sport a USB Type-C cable was revealed by the company in the first leg of its controlled announcements about the device. What we’re hearing now is the fact that the USB Type-C cable that comes with the OnePlus 2 will soon be offered for around US$5.

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OnePlus is only the second Android smartphone company to ship a phone with USB Type-C after the LeTV trio earlier this year. More and more devices are starting to show up with the connector, so it only makes sense to have your cable collection complete.

According to Android Central, the OnePlus USB Type-C cable will go on sale towards the end of August for the aforementioned price of about US$5.

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  1. AdM
    July 29, 2015

    That’s good news but with shipping it will be in the 15$ range.

  2. Marius Cirsta
    July 29, 2015

    So no invites system for the cable ? This is good nows for OPO fans as they can at least get the cable while waiting for their phone 😀

  3. E8hffff
    July 29, 2015


  4. Max
    July 30, 2015

    is there also no usb 3.1 supported like in their phone? then it would be useless for the LeTV users as their phones support usb 3.1 afaik… XD