Mediatek Helio X30 specs revealed, another Snapdragon killer

Mediatek Helio X30 specs revealed, another Snapdragon killer

mediatek helio x20

Mediatek are all hands on deck these days. The Helio X10 and X20 have already impressed us and now details of the Mediatkek Helio X30 have really gotten things going!

Taiwanese Mediatek has seen a serious change in the way manufacturers and customers alike see the brand and its products. This time last year many Chinese phone fans would have given anything to have a Snapdragon chip in place of a MTK model, but the story has now switched in the opposite direction.

Now when we see the latest Qualcomm chipsets in a phone we groan and ask why couldn’t a Mediatek chip have been used? Not only were the MT6752 and other chips game changers, but the now very powerful Helio range have really shown us all what Mediatek can do.

Mediatek’s next trick will be a Helio X30 a supped up version of the X10 and X20. From early reports the Helio X30 will boast 10 core architecture using a 16nm FinFET process. The structure of the SoC will include 2 x 1.0Ghz Cortex A53, 2 x 1.5Ghz, 2 x 2Ghz and 4 x Cortex A72 running at 2.5Ghz.

The specs will also include support for a maximum of 4GB LPDDR4 1600MhZ RAM, and a Mali T880 GPU.

helio x30

It’s not likely that we will see Mediatek Helio X30 phones before December with the first batch of Chinese flagships running this advanced SoC likely early next year.

What do you think of Mediatek’s current charge? Are you willing to opt for a Helio powered phone or are you still a Qualcomm fan?

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  • Paap Mrittu

    but in the image it’s x22.

    • Steven Fox

      I suppose Andi did the article before having his morning coffee 😀

  • POiSoN

    Only Problem with MTK is drivers release for software updates,

    • iANDROID8.1

      Yeap that’s one big caveat for MTK but their soc does perform really good and has less heating issues than *cough* *cough* Qualcomm

      • Angry Mobile Nerd

        You guys are about as loyal as a stray dog who will go to whoever is offering food. Qualcomm releases one dud SoC and all of a sudden it’s “Qualcomm sucks, Mediatek rules” now watch next year Qualcomm will kill it with it’s next generation SoC’s and you will all be rowing your Qualcomm lifeboats back to reboard the Qualcomm ship.

        • iANDROID8.1

          Excuse me brother I had a horrible experience with Qualcomm before and I will ever comeback using Qualcomm anymore, I have been a loyal Mediatek user since 2011 just so you know

          • Technerd

            Qualcomm will come with 820 a quad core.Ok it is high clocked .But there were reports about overheating.I think kirin will become big because look at the specs of the 950 really abeast.I think exinos won’t be housed by Chinese OEMS.At least there is only mediatek or intel .Mediatek is good and cheap.I have mkt6752 and it is really powerful and almost every that comes out come with the new mtk 6753 or35.I love mediatek .I hate mediatek because they killed goog phones like the axon or HTC m9.

            • balcobomber25

              How did Mediatek kill good phones?

            • Random Guy

              He Meant Qualcomm Killed

            • Technerd

              No quallcomm

        • quodvadis

          lol the irony

        • True_Neutral

          What’s the point of being loyal to a company? Are they benefits to it? I’m all for being loyal to family members, spouses, pets and friends, but companies? Seriously???

        • balcobomber25

          Why do people have to be loyal to one company or the other? Why can;t they just be consumers and choose whichever once offers the best value for their money? Why do we have to get caught up in a MTK/SD war? Both companies have their strengths and weaknesses.

          • Angry Mobile Nerd

            I’m not part of the SoC war, I have nothing against Qualcomm or Mediatek. But like I said in my original post, watch how many people here are going to paddle back to the Qualcomm ship if their next generation SoC’s produce killer benchmark numbers. Likewise, watch how fast they turn on Mediatek if these next generation Helio’s don’t live up to expectations.

            Qualcomm releases one dud of a SoC and everyone starts boo’ing and throwing tomatoes. Haven’t seen so much love turn to hate since Lance Armstrong.

            • balcobomber25

              That’s what a smart consumer does. I’m not sure why you have such a problem with this. When a company releases a bad product they find a better ones. If Company A rebounds with a great product people will go back to it, especially a company with the history of Qualcomm. Brand loyalty died a long time ago in this industry.

            • Angry Mobile Nerd

              Yeah, right *rolls eyes*. The love this year – hate next year behaviours expressed here are about as normal as those dysfunctional couples that break up, then get back together, then break up, get back together, then break up again.

              Brand loyalty still exists, even in this industry — just not so much with Chinese brands. Brand loyalty is usually non-existent in the bottom feeder segment of any industry where the price sensitive consumers are out to maximize their dollar period. Take a marketing course and learn about customer acquisition costs and you’ll learn it’s still in a company’s best interest to create/want loyal customers. Even your precious Xiaomi is banking *a lot* on brand loyalty.

            • balcobomber25

              I have taken quite a few marketing courses and have an MBA in Marketing. I know more about marketing than most could ever dream of. Xiaomi isn’t included in the industry we are discussing here so stop trying to detract from the actual conversation. Brand loyalty is alive and well for phone manufacturers (just look at Apple and Samsung) but for SoC manufacturers it is all but gone.

            • Airyl

              You don’t seem to understand. We don’t like/dislike a product just because of it’s brand, nor do we like/dislike a brand only because of it’s product. We just choose what’s best instead of blindly following a losing path.

              And how on Earth could you possibly compare the relationship of a consumer and a company with the relationship between two humans? It’s apples and oranges all over again.

              Yes, of course brand loyalty exists in the smartphone market, but do you really think it’s such a huge factor in this day and age? Maybe it applies to Apple and Samsung fans, but Xiaomi loyalists aren’t all going to stay loyal to Xiaomi if Xiaomi decides that the Mi5 should cost $750. It’s simple logic.

            • balcobomber25

              I am a Xiaomi loyalist and if the Mi5 has the 810 there is little chance of me buying it. In fact Meizu the more I use the MX5 the more Meizu is winning me over and anyone who follows me knows I am a diehard Xiaomi fan. One good phone from another company and one bad phone from them is really all it would take to stop my allegiance to them.

            • Airyl

              I’m honestly perplexed. What did you expect us to say about the 810? That it’s completely fine that it overheats and throttles itself down, and that Qualcomm is the perfect SoC maker that we should all bow down too?

              It’s not just the 810, even the 615 and 808 aren’t doing so good at the moment. We’re definitely not going to like a brand that doesn’t deliver good products, and that doesn’t just apply to Qualcomm.

            • balcobomber25

              What are consumers supposed to do? Ignore bad chips just because it comes from a certain brand? I am just as perplexed as Airyl as to what your point is. Your upset that consumers are acting like consumers?

              I am a long time Volvo fan, I currently own an S60. In two years I will be in the market for a new car. If the newest S60 is pure and utter crap, you would expect me to still hand over $60,000 of my hard earned money for one just because I love that brand? Your logic is completely mind blowing.

            • Angry Mobile Nerd

              No, I don’t expect you to buy the new S60 if it’s pure crap. However, I also wouldn’t expect you to go online and spread hate for a car you didn’t buy. And not just express hate towards S60, but Volvo in it’s entirety.

              My logic may be “mind blowing” but you seem love these back and forth arguments on discus forums. It’s almost as if every news story has a comments section just filled with you bickering with someone over something. Not limited to this site, either.

            • balcobomber25

              Says the guys who is starting a fight on a diqus forum….

            • Hakim Farouk

              Actually, I’m already on a Helio X10 chipset and i could say I’m impressed with the growth of MTK in such a short period. I have nothing against SD. I had a oneplus one with an 801. I will still continue to use SD in the future but i will also continue to use MTK cause from my own personal experience with the chipset, it has proven itself to be a solid quality product.

        • mf1gt3r

          I don’t see what good loyalty does, will you get paid? Will Qualcomm remember you? Last year i got an SD801 phone because from my standpoint there wasn’t any strong enough mediatek processors (bar mt6595), this year however, it’s reversed. I can’t use any Qualcomm processor cause they aint worth it ( damn hotplates).

        • Steven Fox

          Yeah, well we are all waiting for Qualcomm`s response, bring on the competition. Better products for the customers.

        • Airyl

          I’m afraid you’re the only one here that thinks loyalty matters in this. It’s very simple for most of us. Whoever releases the better product gets our vote, we don’t really pick favorites.

          I liked Qualcomm back when they made the Snapdragon 801, but now they’re basically producing differently named pieces of shit. The Snapdragon 810 was an absolute failure, the Snapdragon 615 was terrible and the Snapdragon 808 is just a slightly better version of the 810.

          MediaTek meanwhile has taken large strides from the old MTK6592 and the improvements are very noticeable. The MTK6752 for example is a fantastic SoC, handily beating the Snapdragon 615 is pretty much everything it does. Then there’s the MTK6732 that redefined what budget smartphones could do. Don’t even get me started on the MTK6795, an SoC that not only matches but also beats the Snapdragon 810 in certain areas.

          Ubik, the creators of the Ubik Uno also agree with most of us here. “A MediaTek MT6795 64-bit octa-core processor powers the phone, along with 3GB of RAM. Ubik told us that it passed on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 because of the overheating issue, adding that the MediaTek processor is more energy efficient, which suits its purposes better anyway,”.

          Until Qualcomm comes with something worth buying, MediaTek, Exynos, Kirin and Intel are better choices for anyone looking to buy a phone. That’s how most of us here see it. We couldn’t possibly care about staying loyal to any SoC maker.

  • roni24


  • quodvadis

    Another one of high priced mediatek SOC barely anyone use?

    • balcobomber25

      The X10 is already being used in several phones including:

      HTC One M9+
      LeTV X600
      Meizu MX5
      Ubik Uno
      Bluboo Xtouch
      Elephone Vowney

      And it’s rumored to be in several phones yet to be announced such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 2.

      • quodvadis

        “Being used” imply the phones are available in the market of which three of those aren’t. I consider three among dozens or even hundreds of other cheap MTK phones of the same generation to be “barely”. Yes, I know I’m being generous with that assessment.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          lemme guess .. Qualcomm fanboy ??

          • quodvadis

            How about you actually address my argument instead of attacking me personally? Which of my statement is false?

            • Muhammad Yasir

              Balco already proved u wrong ,… nuff said

            • quodvadis

              No he hasn’t. But well, I think I know you from all your posts so far, so this discussion isn’t worth it.

            • balcobomber25

              It’s not worth it because you don’t listen to reason, you have your mind set that it is a SoC that will never be used. Which you highlighted here:

              “Another one of high priced mediatek SOC barely anyone use”

              Myself and several others mentioned several phones that are or will be using that SoC. And Meditaek SoC’s are far from “high priced”, they are known in the industry for being the most cost effective. But here you go here is the consolidated list of all the phones that are using or will be using X10:

              HTC One M9+
              HTC One E9+
              HTC One ME
              Gionee Elife E8
              Sony Xperia M
              LeTV X600
              Meizu MX5
              Ubik Uno
              Bluboo Xtouch
              Elephone Vowney
              iOcean Z1
              Doogee DG700 Pro
              Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 (rumored)

              And the X10 wasn’t released in 2014, iit was officially unveiled at MWC 2015 in March.


            • quodvadis

              Sure okay, thanks for the list I guess. Let’s see how many of them are available to be bought in online store.

            • balcobomber25
            • quodvadis

              I stand corrected. However, that vowney, or really, all X10 phones with sane pricing ($300) are in still “presale”.

            • balcobomber25

              It’s meant to be a SoC for Flagship phones, meaning phones that normally cost over $300. But you can find a few of them within your range of “sane” pricing including:

              MX5 — $329 (with free shipping)

              LeTV – $259

              You just have to shop around. I have been using the MX5 for about a week now, for $329 it is an absolute steal. I am a huge fan of Xiaomi but this fan is winning me over more and more everyday. I often compare it to my wife’s S6 which costs over $700. The Meizu goes toe to toe with it and wins several rounds.

            • quodvadis

              $329 is an absolute steal (the manufacturer for your money) for a 16GB phone yeah. I’m sorry, but 16GB is far too little for my need, especially when the phone has such capable chip, why bother having it when you can only do so much with 16GB of storage?

            • balcobomber25

              For storage I bought a USB OTG, plugs directly into the phone no cable needed. I now have an extra 64GB of space $30. Show me another phone which offers all that MX5 does for less than $329. It has to at least have the following:

              Helios X10/Kirin 930/Exnyos 7420/SD 810/808 (current flagship SoC’s)
              3 GB Ram
              1080P AMOLED or higher display
              Fingerprint scanner
              Camera with 6P Lens and laser focus
              Quick Charge
              thing and light metal body

              I am waiting to see all these great deals you know about. My wife has a Galaxy S6. Here in Thailand we paid over $700 for it. Here is what she has that I don’t:

              – 32 GB of RAM (No SD card either)
              – QHD Display (looks slightly better but uses a lot more battery)
              – Smaller battery (her phone is dead after about a day of normal usage, mine can go 2 days)
              – Non metal body, she already dropped hers once and there are some chips on it. Mine dropped once and still looks brand new.

              Is an extra $370 worth a slightly better display and 16GB of extra ram? Our cameras are almost dead even and she has a slightly faster SoC.

            • quodvadis

              There’s a reason why S6’s sales is a disappointment. I don’t need fingerprint scanner, in fact, not having it is a plus instead. Quick charge is nice, but I hardly need it since my current phone can last a day (or two) just fine and I leave the charging for when I’m sleeping. That RAM amount is pretty much the standard today.

              Good camera that capture dozens MBs per pic, stuffed into that 16GB. Oh
              but you can use an OTG to add bulk to the thin and light phone so it can
              function normally! I’m sorry, but that’s a total joke.

              Is a hundred dollar worth all that compared to phones that use cheaper MTK SOC when it’s just as capable? I mean if it has at least 64GB then it’d be a far better buy for me, but no, they just have to chase that insane flash memory margin. So be it.

            • balcobomber25

              You have to yet a name a phone that has all those components for a cheaper price than $329. Whether you personally need them or want them, they are some of the most in demand specs by consumers today. And you can’t find too many better deals than $329. That is why you completely deflected and ignored and instead talked about what features you did and didnt need.

              My phone already functions normally, OTG just gives me some added storage. But even without it I can fit around 4000 photos on my phone before I would run out of space. My OTG USB is 36mm long, that is an extra 1.4 inches and it weighs about 12G (.4 ounces). Adding that onto the weight of the phone would take you to 161g, the new OnePlus Two is 175g with nothing added. I also don’t keep it plugged in all the time just when I need to transfer something. Also they make a 32GB and 64GB versions of the MX5.

            • quodvadis

              Why do I even have to? I’m not here to provide you option but to state my opinion in regard of your opinion. We clearly have different need for our phones.

              ‘Better deals’ are absolutely subjective. Just because you think that it’s “better” for you, doesn’t mean that other people do. For instance, I’d take Jiayu S3 over MX5 any days of the week , if I have to choose (but I don’t have to yet, so I won’t). You may find it “worse deal”, but that won’t change the fact that I personally find it ‘better’. See how fruitless it’d be if I go down that road?

              Good for you? Guess you don’t need to have several games that weights some gigabytes each, dozens of GBs worth of games’ roms, several GBs worth of musics, several GBs worth of backup, and some other miscellaneous GBs. But hey, I won’t tell you wrong, I just want you to know that some people’s use case may and is different from you.

            • balcobomber25

              Your entitled to your opinion and the S3 is a great phone for it’s price range but with all the trouble Jiayu is having financially I wouldn’t invest in one right now. We all have different needs and uses for our phones, to you the Mx5 is overpriced, to most people a $329 phone with flagship level specs is a great bargain.

            • quodvadis

              From what data are you pulling ‘most people’ from? I mean you can tell me that you personally like it but I’m sorry that I have to roll my eyes whenever someone use that phrase as if they’re representing the majority.

              I didn’t say that MX5 is overpriced by the way, just that it’s not something that I will ever buy simply because of a specific feature exclusion.

            • balcobomber25

              From what data? The millions of people who bought the Xiaomi Mi4, Meizu MX4, Huawei Honor 6 and One Plus One last year along with the millions that purchased their previous iterations along with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. Most people who buy smartphones love the idea of getting a flagship level phone for under $400.

              “$329 is an absolute steal (the manufacturer for your money)” Sounds like you did say it was overpriced. Unless you forgot you typed that…

            • Muhammad Yasir

              yep … i havent got all day in the world …
              go spend your inexhaustible free time somewhere else :p

              P.S glad to know that i am well known here 😀

            • Airyl

              Your argument is based on an opinion, so it’s not valid. It’s as simple as that.

            • quodvadis

              Opinion? Are you incapable of thinking? Or are you going to argue that “barely” is subjective? Amazing.

            • Airyl

              No, I’m arguing that the MTK6795 being barely used couldn’t be farther from the truth, and that your statements are inaccurate.

              For starters, the phrase “being used” definitely does not imply phones with said SoC are available for purchase, it means that the SoC is already being used in the production of a phone, like the Ubik Uno.

              Second, you mention that the MTK6795 was released in Q4 2014, which is not true. The SoC appeared on a roadmap as the MTK6795 in 2014, but it was nowhere near ready for usage at the time. The MTK6795 was officially announced to the world at MWC2015 as the Helio X10, where they said devices with X10 would come later in the year, or in other words now. In other words, the reason Helio X10 are only materializing now is because they were always meant to materialize now.

              Also, you say that the MTK6795 is barely used, but compared to what? Let me list down for you manufacturers using the Snapdragon 810 processor in their phones.

              1. OnePlus
              2. Sony
              3. HTC
              4. LG
              5. Xiaomi

              That’s literally the end of the list. By your definition, the Snapdragon 810 is also a SoC that’s been barely used at all, even though it came before the Helio X10 was officially announced. Comparing that to the amount of manufacturers that are using MTK6795 in their phones and the Snapdragon list looks minuscule in comparison.

              Following that, you also state “I consider three among dozens or even hundreds of other cheap MTK phones of the same generation to be “barely”,” which is poppycock. There’s always going to be more phones with mid-range SoCs than flagship SoCs simply because mid-range SoCs are cheaper and can be used by smaller brands without too much risk, hence why so many small manufacturers make mid-range phones over high-end flagship devices. This can also be applied to Qualcomm, where the Snapdragon 615 and 410 are definitely more prevalent than the Snapdragon 810, simply because they’re cheaper.

              Further on, you claimed “I guess having second place to the infamous SD810, that manufacturers are avoiding like plague, somehow makes my original statement null?” to which I say yes, it does. For the MTK6795 to barely be used, it needs to have something to be compared to. If the so called “barely used” product is among the top selling ones, then you really need to rethink your usage of barely.

              And to top it off, you act and type as if you were the smartest person in this entire comments section, insulting me and other commentators. If you were really here to have a thoughtful debate, then you could do so with more respect for the other commentators. Nobody here wants to listen to you brag and throw insults, especially when you’re such a close minded individual.

            • quodvadis

              lol ok, let’s conveniently forget that M9 has been available since may.

              Compared to their lower priced offering of course. X10 should be doable for phones around $300. That’s nowhere near SD810 tier (or what it should have been had it not had overheating issue). But of course, you just have to put it on the narrow list to suit your argument lol.

              Regardless of your funny mental gymnastic, the simple fact is that X10’s phones that are available to buy are far and between. I’m ready to be served crow if I’m wrong, that just means I’ve lost an argument against a random in the internet and got myself a nice new candidate for my new phone.

            • balcobomber25

              MTK has no control over what companies charge for their phones. But you can find both the Meizu MX5 and LeTV 1 for around $300.

            • Hakim Farouk

              haha. you should have done more research instead of blabbing out your personal non factual comment.

            • quodvadis

              Nice non-statement. At least you exist huh?

        • balcobomber25

          Being used implies those phones are all being produced with that chip. All of them (except Xiaomi) have already announced intentions to use that chip. There are still more yet to come.

          Right now the X10 is the second most used high end SoC after the SD810 (which is riddled with controversy). The X10 has nothing to do with hundreds of other MTK phones, those phones all use different SoCs for different price points. The 6752/53 appear in more new phones from China than any other chips. Why does it appear in so many more phones than the X10? Because it is a budget/mid-range chip and there are 4-5x as many budget/midrange phones that come out every year compared to high end, which is what the X10 is meant for. And now more than ever OEM’s have a choice for a high end SoC all of these have been used this year:

          SD 810
          SD 808
          Helios X10
          Exnyos 7420
          Kirin 930
          Intel Z3580

          The fact that MTK has already locked up 6 of them (with even more planned) and one of them being from HTC is huge.

          • quodvadis

            Show don’t tell. There are barely any phones that are being sold NOW that uses X10, a chip that was released in Q4 2014. I guess having second place to the infamous SD810, that manufacturers are avoiding like plague, somehow makes my original statement null? That is an amazing (logic).

            I’ve never segmented the chip in my original post, nice straw man.

            HTC is dying faster than a fish out of water, but okay.

      • Rob

        You missed the Gionee E8! I do agree with his comment though, just like the MT6595, the X10 isn’t gonna be powering many phones at all as it offers little benefit over the 6752 which incidentally was a great chip.

        • quodvadis

          6752 is pretty great. Unfortunately, it seems manufacturers are keen to use the shittier 6753. It would have been OK if it has the same GPU as 6752, but no, they just have to get it stuck with slow GPU.

          • Rob

            It gets me why people here go on about manufacturers using the 810 with all it’s issues, when there are some great MTK cpus out there. The simple fact is they neglect the gpu and that is the only area where Qualcomm have it nailed. Until MT start upping there game in that department most big manufacturers will carry on ignoring their chips. The 6753/6535. Are perfect examples of them ruining previously great chips by ‘upgrading’ then with weaker gpus and slower clock speeds!

            • balcobomber25

              It has very little to do with the GPU. All of these companies use Qualcomm because they have contracts with them.

        • balcobomber25

          It’s already far surpassed what the 6595 was used in.

      • Guaire

        You can also add HTC E9+, HTC One ME and upcoming Sony Xperia M5.

  • realjjj

    Funny that you report on every nonsense but ignore actual new items.
    Friday Mediatek said they’ll go 16ff in the high end in the first half on 2016 and then, in the second half they’ll go 16ff with the mainstream. That is actual news that almost nobody is reporting because …. it’s easier to copy paste nonsense.
    And no that doesn’t mean 16ff in early 2016, X20 is early 2016 since it will ship very little volume this year.Anything on 16ff will come later on, with some luck we see phones midyear.

    • balcobomber25

      Funny what you consider nonsense and call actual new items.

    • Lazar Prodanovic

      Well after conformance what Globefonders 22nm FD-SOI will bring going for 16nm FinFET is actually wrong choice especially for mainstream.

      • Guaire

        FD-SOI would fit better Mediatek’s low cost strategy. They should be switched to 28nm FD-SOI already, if it’s available.

        • Lazar Prodanovic
          • Guaire

            28nm FD-SOI cost would be comparable to 28nm planar with 20nm planar performance.

            22nm FD-SOI at 28nm planar cost is more charming.

            It’s performance should be comparable to TSMC’s 16nm FinFET because it’s actually 20nm FinFET.

            Unfortunately H2 2016 is too late.

            • Lazar Prodanovic

              It’s never too late & will have better thermal properties compared to 14~16 nm FinFET (larger area per transistor for dispersion). The shrinking proces is slowing down anyway so 22nm will be
              commercialized in main stream for at least next 6 year’s. Don’t know anyone who developed 28nm FD-SOI?
              14 nm & 16nm IBM’s & TSMC are not actually 20nm they are 14~16 nm printed transistors
              on 20nm base & interconnections are 20nm. Globefonders didn’t developed
              this one totally on their own. It takes significant longer to develop SOI & development naturally costs more.
              Now with AMD’s advanced 3D rooting library’s 22mn FD-SOI will be wonderful thing.

  • Lazar Prodanovic

    Great they have just gone to 4 CPU clusters. Sometimes I wonder are they employed engineer’s actually a chipmunks?
    Still if they employ at least decent number of GPU clusters this could be a good SoC. A big A72 (x4) cluster will certainly be more than competitive in CPU real usage scenarios.

    • Steven Fox

      Mali 880 cores are even larger than A72, so don`t hold your breath for a beefy GPU in this chip, but benchmark scores will be through the roof, I`m guessing over 100k in Antutu with 6 A72 cores.

      • Lazar Prodanovic

        I know Midgard architecture & that gpu cluster is bigger. ?

  • Steven Fox

    Hahhah, Snapdragon should also be called Helio, because it`s hot like the SUN 😀

    • Bulent



    I am waiting for Elephone Vowney

  • Hakim Farouk

    im already on the helio x10 and i could say the chipset blew me away with 50k plus antutu.

  • Dante

    They are on a roll but Hell they still dont learn that We need a better GPU 🙁

    • Rob

      Agreed, I would rather 4 CPU cores and 10 gpu cores! Doesn’t look like they’re listening to what the consumer actually wants, this is all about antutu benchmark bragging rights. This CPU should be a beast let down only by the gpu (again).

      • balcobomber25

        Having used the MX5 for about a week now, I have tried all the most demanding games available on the play store and it handles them without issue. It’s not the most powerful on paper but in real world performance it is excellent.

        • Aeonia

          How much fps are you getting from the mx5 when playing Modern Combat 5 or Implosion: Never lose hope on HIGHEST graphics..1080p.

          You can get the fps by using fps meter

          • balcobomber25

            Honestly I couldn’t tell you, I am not a mobile gamer. I just now playing them it looks great and there was no lag at all. I tried them out and then deleted them. Ill try to include FPS when I do my final review. Right now I am busy with the camera.

            • Aeonia


      • Dante

        look at Apple – Underpowered Cpu,Overpowered Gpu – works pretty well lol

    • CR7

      dont worry MALI T880 its a monster i think we should not judge the Gpu Now 😉

  • Kekerembec

    MTK SoCs are just fine but problem is that most of (Chinese) manufacturers which use MTK SoC are not interested in or good at software optimization. For instance, i have Meuizu M1 Note and Lenovo K3 Note which both are use mt6752 SoC. Meizu’s Flyme OS is not well optimized and buggy. So, M1 note sucks. On the other hand, K3’s software is well optimized and it’s snappy. I feel goot with K3 note. I think Mediatek sould make partnership with manufacturers like Xoami or HTC which are serious with software optimization and show it’s SoCs performance.

  • Guaire

    Its only difference with X20 seems being 16nm FF instead to 20nm planar. I will believe it when I see it on other than that on a Weibo(?) account.

  • Rinne Tensei

    I’m waiting for intel’s.. none matters to me, all other SoCs throttle like hell except Apple and intel..

    • Andrew P

      Yes, Intel mobile processors definitely got the potential, looking to Zenfone 2 as an example.

    • Dis

      umad? the GPUs suck.

    • Cuerex

      unless you want to get jewed over on purpose.

      no drivers.

  • Aeonia

    Next year has never been so far away….Just when I was holding out the mtk6795 for helio x20 and this??

    Also how many cores do the Helio x20 and x30 have for the Mali T880 gpu..Hoping its at least 6 or 8..

  • Aeonia

    If they do not release the helio x20 soon, they might as well have it follow the mt6595 path..

  • Yowan

    I don’t think that it makes sense tbh. Adding more cores won’t make any significant performance/power efficiency difference whatsoever, It’s always funny to see such vendors boasting SoCs with more cores for the sake of PR BS/stunts and media attention. What the mobile world needs right now are better high IPC cores (proper quality cores>more cores BS) which can decode more micro-operations per cycle, have wider pipelines, more vector and load/store units along with multiple dedicated FMA/SIMD stages just like complex modern x86 chips while still retaining a reasonable performance per watt ratio with a low thermal envelope.

    Vendors should take Apple’s example and start developing their own custom cores. Apple SoCs don’t have that much cores but still manage to be on par with the competition with their efficient high-IPC custom cores that achieved better single-threaded performance levels (since the cores can decode 6 micro-operations per cycle) than most 4/8-core designs from any other competitor in the ARM mobile industry, even the A72 core isn’t comparable to Apple’s custom core. This simply proves that you don’t need 8 or 10 sub-par low IPC cores when you’ve got 2-3 better and larger cores, this makes big.LITTLE redundant.

    • AhmedWolfgang

      Mtk should use 2 a72 @3Ghz or more for better single thread performance and good battery life because most the application use single core add another big cores west of power

      • Yowan

        The A72 isn’t any different from the A57, the pipeline structure is virtually the same, i.e still limited to 3-micro ops per cycle (compared to 6 with Apple’s SoC). The A72 is optimised for 16nm FF nodes (smaller ~1.15mm2 die) and the only improvements are related to branch prediction/BTB and the TLB.

        • AhmedWolfgang

          Visit the website
          for architecture details
          And ARM give benchmark results a72 better than a57 from 20-60 % on same work load and compared 4C a72 2.5 Ghz 16 nm to the Intel core M proseser 2C4T 2 Ghz 14nm see this article

          a72 better multithread and memory performance and 75 % power efficient and still have 78 % of core M Broadwell single thread on spacint ,spacfp and 97% on geekbench st .I think ARM big little good idea for power saving but the ability to run the full 8 core destroy it in this case become more power hungry. And I am still agree with you better core best of add more core and I think mtk should increase core clock speed better than add more a72 core, l think mtk focus on benchmark than the real life use

  • Adtr

    Should be here by 2017 Q4, once all the scamster companies like Elephone are done with the never ending rumor mill.

    Oh, it still barely touch 55,000 on AnTuTu.

    • Joseph Andrew

      Who the fuck cares about AnTuTu and all of these benchmarks,a good friend of mine and a great apple repairsman once said to us,his youtube comunity,”I could just stay here and show you the cinebench scores and all of the benchmarks,but let’s be serious,more then half of you don’t even care about this kind of fuckshit,you care about performance in action and how it works,not about some stupid benchmarks”,he said that in his laptops comparison video between the New Lenovo Thinkpad and the old one,it applies here too.

  • coolio68

    Andi, your screenshot clearly shows an X22 ie. an X20 variant, why are you calling it X30 ?

  • OK. There’s a bunch of stuff to talk about regarding this…

    1. It seems that 10 cores is excessive and is starting to NOT make sense for a non-server device. What would be better would be 4 cores with adaptive clocking to save power. Even the octo-core designs were a nod to this since they were designed be used 4 cores at a time, switching “banks” as needed by CPU load requirements.

    2. MediaTek needs to spend a LOT of resources optimizing the graphics code for the Mail 880. This needs to be contributed back to Google and included as part of the AOSP code base. That’s the minimum. They REALLY should be putting all their code back into the AOSP so that it’s easier for manufacturers, Google, and Open Source projects to port and optimize for their processors.

    3. ALL THE PORTING LAYER SOFTWARE NEEDS TO BE PUT INTO AOSP YESTERDAY! No excuses MediaTek. You’re cutting off your nose to spite your face on this one.

    4. Better optimizing compilers are needed from MediaTek. If they want smaller tighter code, they need to provide good tools to developers. Intel and Qualcomm know this. MediaTek is too young to really understand the need.

    5. They need to REALLY lighten up on what they consider proprietary software. What the hell are the protecting. The software they release would be a nightmare to port to other processors, and what would be the point? By the time others looked at their software optimizations, it would be easier for competing processor makers to just to write their own than to try to adapt software from another processors porting layer.

    6. They need to make better tools to help their OEMs with limited resources. Not just the stuff I mentioned above, but a RootJoy equivalent, and grant money to Open Source projects that are porting OS to their processors, specific apps that use their specific hardware features. etc.

    MediaTek has been the “minority leader” and rabble rouser for a while, but they just don’t seem mature enough to take over as the “majority leader”. It’s not just about the processors, it’s all the other stuff that goes with it that’s holding them back now.

    • Rene

      Great post. Succinctly sums up the issues that are holding Mediatek back right now. Would be great if they got to see this 🙂

    • their 1 cores are not multicore.. but multi cpu… its 4+4+2
      4 high performance cores clocked over 2ghz
      4 average cores clocked at 1.7
      2 low power cores clocked at 1.2
      giving you the best power efficiency while extreme performance when you need it

      • Joseph Andrew

        Well,I guess all of the people hating on Mediatek should eat shit and die,it’s ridiculous,all they know is to complain about the past and be too blind to see the present and the future,they don’t see improvement,they just know how to suck dick from qualcom and nvidia,even intel to some extent.

  • Roberto Tomás

    when it says “1600Mhz” or “1866Mhz” is this number before the final multiplier? Like, in PC ram, would “1600Mhz” be “3200Mhz”? Because that *was* true with DDR3 for phones.

  • MaWee

    Why can it be all Cortex 72 cores with the frequency scaled way back for the first set? if the Cortex 72 is big maybe we can have 6x or 8x Cortes 72 with different frequencies.

  • yodude

    The best configuration for a modern SoC is, IMO, 4 x A72 cores @ 1.4 GHz + 4 x A72 @ 2.4 GHz, big.LITTLE configuration. Custom cores at 16 or 14 nm maybe.

  • Kiran Fernandes

    All those cores are fail. The snapdragon 820 is gonna use some 16nm quad core process, and that’s more than enough. Hoping some Chinese manufacturer grabs the 820 soon. Helio x10 is great, but they should’ve used a Mali t8xx GPU instead. So, Jiayu s3 which uses the MT6752(8 core a53) is gonna be my last mediatek ARM phone. All those extra cores are shit.

    • tanmay

      Bro its not a true octa core remember… 4 cores are used for tasking and other are heat controllers and battery savers etc.

  • Optimatical

    Qualcomm can eat shit and die, after the Snapdragon 810.

    • Joseph Andrew

      True that.

  • Dewzer4200

    U ppl gotta realize it’s still a mediatek…..garbage soc that will overheat and barely last a year. This is not a good company to support for many reasons other than this too. Anything is better than mtk

    • Joseph Andrew

      My last mediatek phone still works just as new after 2 and a half years of use,even the battery charges just fine without any sign of degradation,I don’t know why are you fanboying like a fucking mad swine,it’s ridiculous,and it wasn’t even a good mediatek SoC,it was a middle-range one not a high-range one like the one I have in my curent phone.

  • I am personally prefer Mediatek Helio chipset over Snapdragon. For example in VR (I have 2 phones, in VR Mediatek is cold, but Snapdragon overheat lot of time).